Traducción de applied linguistics en Español:

applied linguistics

lingüística aplicada, n.


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    lingüística aplicada femenino
    • It runs courses on theoretical and applied linguistics and holds research workshops.
    • Two issues are addressed here: the scope of applied linguistics, and the social justice issue of police procedures for dealing with limited proficiency speakers of majority languages.
    • If applied linguists were to take these accounts more seriously, applied linguistics might contribute more directly to improving the human condition.
    • As well as coping with the stress of the show, Tony has been juggling his university course, an MA in applied linguistics with a full-time job as an administrator at a London further education college.
    • The present paper illustrates the use of corpus-based analytical techniques to address a range of issues in applied linguistics.
    • While negotiating for meaning has become extensively studied, negotiating as a speech event remains a curiously under researched area in applied linguistics.
    • Since applied linguistics is concerned with language problems as experienced in the real world, it might appear that the two areas of enquiry in effect converge into one.
    • She's earning her doctorate in German applied linguistics at Pennsylvania State University and taught English at Bellevue's City University.