Traducción de apprentice en Español:


aprendiz, n.

Pronunciación /əˈprɛntɪs//əˈprɛn(t)əs/


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    aprendiz masculino
    aprendiza femenino
    before noun apprentice electrician aprendiza de electricista femenino
    • Around 150 skilled men joined the apprentices in protest.
    • In preparation for this four-year course he has been attempting to find a plumber who would be willing to take him on during this period as an apprentice.
    • Boys, too, were often encouraged to go to technical schools or to begin work as an apprentice in a trade.
    • Up to thirty skilled men and apprentices were employed from the surrounding villages, coming to work on foot or by bicycle.
    • Learning the trade and being an apprentice for years only to then acquire years of on the job experience is what custom furniture is all about.
    • Many of the rest are working for their families, on the land, in small artisanal businesses, or as apprentices in trades that their families have carried out for generations.
    • They also sought to limit the number of apprentices entering their trades, because of the inevitable consequence of depressing wage rates; this has remained a feature of some craft unions to this day.
    • Trade apprentices are charged the fee for the two 10-week periods they spend as part of their training at the colleges.
    • Others might go for a while to a secondary school to receive further instruction in reading, writing, and arithmetic, and then be sent for training in crafts or trades, often as apprentices to a master in whose household they would live.
    • This language has an old-fashioned ring, and was designed for a minor becoming an apprentice in a skilled trade.
    • In traditional apprenticeship models, apprentices learn a trade or skill through working closely with expert trades-people.
    • Of 16 apprentices in an electrician's training program, three are women.
    • In the past the minimum wage never applied to apprentices who were employed under the Apprenticeship Act.
    • Rob left education at sixteen and became an apprentice for an electrician.
    • The past few years have seen a sharp increase in the number of apprentices, especially in the construction trades.
    • Younger members of the family came into the business as apprentices, learning the trade, and eventually inheriting the business.
    • It doesn't matter how much money we give employers to take on apprentices in tradition trades - in gas fitting, in tiling, in welding and carpentry.
    • It is often asserted that by keeping wages low for apprentices, employers will automatically take more on.
    • Real learning begins with an apprentice working at the elbow of a master craftsman, but there were not enough scholarly elbows to go around as the numbers swelled.
    • There was also an alarming 15 percent decline in the number of apprentices in training, comparing the same periods.

verbo transitivo

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    to apprentice sb to sb colocar a algn de aprendiz con/de algn
    • to be apprenticed to sb estar de aprendiz con algn