Traducción de aqua en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈækwə//ˈakwə//ˈɑkwə/



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    • Other colors such as golden, red, beige and aqua blue were too often repeated and, therefore, not quite challenging.
    • Although she must have had some insight into it, because all the decorations were in her favourite aqua blue, like the dress which was low cut and slim.
    • ‘And in a range of colours from fuchsia to orange, yellow to aqua,’ she adds.
    • One dragon was fiery red, one was aqua blue, one green, and the last, pure, dazzling white.
    • Fresh aqua blue, sandy tan, sea glass green and pale peach are all colors which figure strongly in this scheme.
    • Bright orange, pink, aqua blue, purple and gold are some of the ‘good bye to conservative’ shades visible in the collections.
    • Using a palette of aqua and Alaskan blue, limie green, peach, and ashes of roses, the line resonated his quest for a neat balance.
    • Purple is still keen, but so is aqua, yellow, and even rusty orange.
    • When shopping, go for hot colors such as pink, aqua blue, yellow, apple green, and lavender.
    • The light is blue, not aqua like some other manufacture's have created.
    • All the Rondos are two-toned, the color pairings including orange and crimson, Nile green and bright yellow, aqua and dark blue.
    • In this show a deep, clear blue predominated among white, aqua, buttery yellow and dusty or radiant pinks.
    • They don't change your color, but give your eyes a light blue, aqua or green tint.
    • They even have a uniform in the club colours of purple, aqua and gold.
    • Within each open container is a creamer cup holding a dollop of latex house paint in a color such as royal blue, pale aqua, lime green or muted yellow.
    • She was entranced by his eyes which shimmered different shades of blue and aqua, which immediately made her think of the sea on a clear sunny day.
    • The only differences between their eyes were that one was dark green, while the other one was aqua blue, very blue, and very intent on her.
    • That's when we log on, make sure that designer flyswatter is still in stock and that shirt is available in light aqua, and place our order.
    • Moiré and mother of pearl pastel watch faces in colours like pink and aqua and agate will also capture an iridescent feel.
    • The sky was waning from a light and pale blue to a richer aqua and many of the villages were now emerging from the lengthening shadows.