Traducción de Arabian en Español:


árabe, adj.

Pronunciación /əˈreɪbɪən//əˈreɪbiən/


  • 1

    the Arabian Nights Las mil y una noches
    • the Arabian Sea el Mar de Omán
    • Christiane, who is originally from Germany, is presently advertising to perform her Arabian belly dancing at Christmas parties and other functions.
    • Southern Iraq was inhabited by Arabian tribesmen, some of whom recognized the Sesanian monarchy.
    • Although accurate, it does not provide alternative methodologies for studying pre-Islamic Arabian society.
    • Amouage, an Arabian perfume manufacturer based in Oman used to provide perfume exclusively to royalty but has expanded its market around the world.
    • Then, the camera shows the baffled Englishman looking like a lost tourist in a busy Arabian street, shouting ‘Hello?’