Traducción de arbitrary en Español:


arbitrario, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɑrbəˌtrɛri//ˈɑːbɪt(rə)ri/


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    • The historical reason for this time limit was based on arbitrary precedent.
    • Police officers cannot take arbitrary measures based on suspicion.
    • Citizens, too, began to complain that the economic system was bafflingly arbitrary.
    • I prefer to have my laws built on reason rather than arbitrary morality.
    • The question seemed rather arbitrary with no rhyme or reason whatsoever.
    • It has been said more than once that 10 seems a rather arbitrary number, and it has not been clear how the authors of the law arrived at it.
    • Why couldn't people see that tradition, while rather arbitrary, was the only fair way to do things?
    • This numbering system is an arbitrary designation based on small amino acid sequence differences.
    • That was the system - arbitrary, incomprehensible, illogical - and fairness had nothing to do with it.
    • Capricious and arbitrary as the system might be, it serves several contradictory needs at once.
    • But Plato tells us that the ethical laws cannot be the arbitrary whims of personalized gods.
    • Yes, this requires work - but that is what makes it a justice system rather than one of arbitrary punishment.
    • The use of the severity and rarity criteria has meant that arbitrary and unjust decisions have been applied to many claims.
    • This system was so arbitrary and irrational that it resulted in large numbers of poor persons being excluded.
    • So, here I would only talk about a few rather arbitrary points that have occupied my mind in the recent days and leave the rest to other people to explore.
    • Any system of classification is arbitrary and thus frail, subject to the contradictions of experience.
    • The numbering of years is a cultural artifact based on some rather arbitrary decisions made along the way.
    • His either/or choice was arbitrary and unnecessary, and he hurt his organization as a result.
    • They become a matter of subjective and arbitrary whim if they are cut off from collective deliberations.
    • Make sure the decision about who goes is not arbitrary or based on favoritism.