Traducción de ardor en Español:


fervor, n.

(British ardour)

Pronunciación /ˈɑːdə//ˈɑrdər/



  • 1

    (zeal, enthusiasm)
    fervor masculino
    ardor masculino
    • He listened gravely and spoke in measured tones, but still fired with habitual martial ardour.
    • My ardour has cooled somewhat since I was fourteen.
    • The ardour of the pilgrims, an old couple, is attested by their stiff limbs and the man's calloused bare feet as they kneel before the apparition of the Madonna at the door of the shrine.
    • It would effectively rouse people's ardour to invest, and help to discourage the transfer of capital abroad.
    • Firm action by the army dampened the revolutionary ardour of the mob and restored order in the streets.
    • Perhaps we have had too little of the Spirit's fullness to enable us to love with the personal ardor Jesus desires.
    • The playing encompassed subtlety, ardor, menace and rage, all with an admirable polish.
    • My ardour totally dampened as I remembered the warnings of that day's front page.
    • How nice for him that he can play note perfectly, even if it is at the expense of fantasy, passion, ardor, elegance, whimsy, fire and intensity.
    • And then came the recitation - in rounded syllables and in the utterly devastating rhythms of Sanskrit when it is pronounced with ritualised ardour.
    • He turned to her, that same passion, desire, ardor, zeal, fire… love in his eyes.
    • Naturally, her coolness served only to intensify his ardour, but it was two years before she capitulated.
    • Love, lust and passion, ardour, hate and jealousy combine to make Othello one of Shakespeare's greatest tragedies.
    • But doesn't the freezing cold cool their ardour?
    • He has followed trails, consulted the experts and lived and breathed the historical roots of ancient Americans with ardour for 20 years.
    • He had been a painter all his life, but never before had he seen such a vision or painted with such ardor and desire.
    • Clara supposed that she only felt confusion because Will had seemed to be as incapable of true love and ardor as herself.
    • Sixteen years later, her ardour hasn't dimmed.
    • Though young when he wrote them, they bespeak a mature understanding of genuine piety - and the way such piety should be evident in all of life, and pursued with ardour and zeal.
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