Traducción de arguably en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈɑrɡj(u)əbli//ˈɑːɡjʊəbli/


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    this is arguably his best novel podría decirse que esta es su mejor novela
    • arguably, they would have done better to refuse posiblemente hubiera sido mejor que se negaran
    • Finally, and arguably most important, it still has a good international reputation.
    • By the way Big Tom was arguably the greatest full back in the history of the game.
    • The UK has arguably one ideopolis, in London, but may have the potential for one of two more.
    • It was a devastating display of control that the Super League has arguably never witnessed before.
    • Good health and sensitivity to the task's difficulties are arguably more important.
    • Tanna Island is arguably as good as these, or better, if you're after a coffee with a rich smooth taste.
    • The side have a fine pitch, arguably the best in Scotland, but still have not been granted their own gym.
    • Of the three coaches, Italy's Brad Johnstone has arguably been the most successful.
    • The museum's collection of works by Soutine is now arguably the best in Paris.
    • Murasaki Shikibui was the author of The Take Of Genji, arguably the world's first novel.
    • They're arguably the biggest club in the world and they should be in the market for the best players in the world.
    • The Big Sleep is arguably his finest hour, and does much to explain why his work is so highly regarded.
    • He intends to raise the profile of politics on campus, which is arguably a good thing.
    • For a start we were served with arguably the best garlic bread we have tasted in years.
    • Despite his shy, modest nature Sindelar was arguably football's first superstar.
    • These shadowy groups are arguably among the most active of all money launderers.
    • The televisual images of his report arguably created a moment in history.
    • It is still a dark story, though, which arguably has never really been screened in the way it was written.
    • It's a haunting, slightly melancholy piece that's arguably the best track on here.
    • He is arguably as important as a Scorsese and a Coppola and yet he and John Carpenter never got their due credit.