Traducción de armature en Español:


armadura, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɑːmətʃə//ˈɑrməˌtʃər//ˈɑrməˌtʃʊr//ˈɑːmətj(ʊ)ə/


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    armadura femenino
    • I think the main objective of the salvors here would have been the copper from the electric motors, and the remains of what looks like the armature of an electric motor lies cleaned of its windings among the debris.
    • This dual-function head was an inductive device, with a coil of wire wrapped around a toroidal armature.
    • The F series uses a proprietary neodymium-iron magnet rotor structure and skewed armature assembly to optimize machine torque and volume.
    • He is forced to sign a ‘Permission for Search’ which allows Ford detectives to ransack his home, turn out all his poor possessions in hopes of finding a Ford incandescent lamp or a generator armature.
    • Mention should also be made of the relay steels, used widely in relays, armatures, and solenoids.
    • This alloy has been specially developed for split armature coils of telephones.
    • In the start-up phase of the Polish die casting operation TMGI will produce steering wheel armatures for one of its clients, TRW Automotive, to be used in a model range from Ford.
    • In a regular can motor, the armature spins inside the can when an electric current is applied.
    • The company also manufactures photovoltaic cells (used in the production of solar energy) and precision metal and plastic components such as gears, switches and motor armatures.
    • Process and device for the connection of armature coil wires with the lamellas of a hook-collecting device
    • Silicon steel stampings are used in the laminations of electric motor armatures, rotors, and generators.
    • With only three moving parts in the electric motor (one armature and two bearings), electric propulsion systems are designed to last for two decades or more.
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    (for sculpture)
    armadura femenino
    armazón masculino
    • Constructed from canvas and other materials stretched onto welded steel armatures, the sculptures are bulbous and faceted, like an insect's eye or a landscape seen from a plane.
    • Next, I create an armature using anything I can find, or make, that is close to the shape I intend to end up with.
    • Beginning with a steel armature she gradually moulds her semi-figurative sculptures out of plaster, which are then bronze-casted.
    • They were instructed in how to build and use an armature, which helps develop modeling skills by combining both the additive and subtractive nature of sculpture.
    • Demonstrate proper use of wire cutters and caution students to be careful when manipulating the wire into armatures.
    • Scattered in front of this painting like an unruly audience were chair sculptures composed of armatures wrapped with everything from plaster bandages to chenille bedspreads bound with rope to endless rounds of thin copper wire.
    • The structure of the tree is made with a steel armature from which a series of plastic buckets hang.
    • In plaster, as in clay modelling, an armature or skeleton framework is necessary for a free-standing figure.
    • We do build twisted aluminium wire armatures (skeleton-like structures that the model can be built around) which are used for models with simple or limited movement.
    • The sculpture uses no armature or supports, making gravity a crucial element of the piece.
    • Construction of the piece, whose stainless-steel armature holds 25 tons of soil and includes an irrigation system, began in mid-May and took three weeks to complete.
    • His apprentices usually prepare the mixture of torn-up newspaper, carpentry glue, and water, while he fashions the mask armature from galvanized chicken-wire, using a pair of pliers as his main tool.
    • Well, in clay animation, each object is sculpted in clay or a similarly pliable material such as plasticine, usually around an armature.
    • The video featured ideas on how to set up a clay-building studio on a budget, and gave examples on how to best use coils, slabs and simple armatures.
    • This preoccupation is also evident in his well-known fire sculptures comprising wire armatures bound with a wick and burnt in 10-second performances.
    • Once the armature was completed, the next step was to add the papier-mache.
    • During our second class, we reviewed the images and information from the previous class and the students finished building their armatures.
    • The simple structures of the wire armatures were developed into more expressive forms.
    • Once the armatures were complete, we used papier-mache to cover and more permanently attach all the architectural forms to the dome.
    • Once the pose is completed, the armature is stuffed or wrapped with small pieces of newspaper held in place with masking tape.