Traducción de arranged marriage en Español:

arranged marriage

matrimonio concertado, n.


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    matrimonio concertado masculino
    • But he did not condemn the arranged marriages that our royal family go in for, or those marriages of the upper classes that make sure the inheritance stays in the right hands.
    • We shared our views on the merits of Eastern arranged marriages versus love marriages in the West.
    • Among many members of the South Asian and Jewish communities, arranged marriages as a means of cementing family alliances are the norm.
    • In arranged marriages, as in traditional western love marriages, both parties ultimately have the right to say no.
    • A young Asian mother who went along with an arranged marriage to keep her family happy took her own life after years of depression.
    • In the space of only a generation, the family had gone from the world of oxen and arranged marriages to the world of cell phones and multicultural love matches.
    • Even in societies with arranged marriages, relatives of the couple do the arranging.
    • In arranged marriages, contact may be initiated by the couple, followed by negotiation between the two families.
    • Forced marriages in the Islamic world, as opposed to arranged marriages which require the consent of the partners, cause a great deal of concern even among many Muslims.
    • I think there's a world of difference between an arranged marriage and a forced marriage.
    • Her family apparently informed her they had agreed to the arranged marriage and that lobola of seven cattle had already been paid.
    • Both traditional arranged marriages and modern marriages involve the lobola, or bride-price.
    • It was indeed mentally invigorating to enter into a debate on arranged marriages versus love marriages.
    • Divorce among Lebanese Americans is less common in arranged marriages than in marriages based on love.
    • However, they cannot accept Christianity and when I reject their plans for an arranged marriage next year, they will disown me.
    • In India arranged marriages are very much the norm, and the joint family, where a man and a woman live intimately with his extended family, is still a powerful institution.
    • They reacted by urging the researchers not to confuse forced marriages with the traditional practice of arranged marriages.