Traducción de ashore en Español:


en tierra, adv.

Pronunciación /əˈʃɔr//əˈʃɔː/


  • 1

    en tierra
    to go ashore desembarcar
    • to set / put sb ashore desembarcar a algn
    • we rowed/swam ashore remamos/nadamos hasta la orilla
    • Richard was tossed into the sea and spent two hours in the freezing water trying to swim ashore but was constantly beaten back by fierce waves.
    • He taught them how to approach the whale, iron it, bring it ashore, butcher, render and eat it.
    • If they are successful, the men will step ashore for the first time in four months when they reach the coast of California.
    • They had suffered only minor shock and injuries and subsequently were transferred ashore.
    • Following another night at anchor we conduct another pax transfer ashore.
    • Redwing ordered them to lower the anchor, and they got into the jolly boats and went ashore.
    • These can hit the shore within minutes on occasion, and can rush ashore without warning causing immeasurable damage.
    • As we scrambled ashore, more experienced sailors were taking to the water with glee aboard a fleet of dinghies and catamarans.
    • Current estimates are that more than a quarter of a million people died when the waves swept ashore.
    • When he was very small a group of Phoenician sailors came ashore for trading and stayed over a year.
    • In their voyage through the remote islands and atolls they seldom took the boy ashore, fearing infection.
    • Vangelis travelled ashore by pulling on the rope attached to the shore bollard and returned by pulling on the rope attached to the ferry.
    • The day dawned fine and they returned to Shipbuilders Cove and went ashore.
    • Sailors from the ship also wanted to get ashore during this time to help with the aid and restoration program.
    • Handing over the helm he directed me close to land, hopped ashore and left us to fate.
    • We go ashore by dinghy at a pretty stone jetty surrounded by dense trees and rhododendron bushes.
    • Mathew and his shipmates recovered the man and his five friends to Hawkesbury and took them ashore.
    • Before this the staff had only been able to fly ashore for a couple of days' rest on a rotational basis.
    • He was rescued and taken ashore to Guatemala by coastguards last year.
    • Then there were the marine corps and army infantry who waded ashore or were landed by air on island after island.