Traducción de assert en Español:


afirmar, v.

Pronunciación /əˈsərt//əˈsəːt/

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    • That is, is there any constitutional fact which is asserted about time limits, time element or the like?
    • I would however assert that the belief in absolute truth requires an attempt to follow it as best as possible.
    • Science is beginning to understand what is going on in our genes, he asserts, and few things about the human condition will ever be the same again.
    • The coal industry should be privately funding these studies, the consumer group asserts.
    • All other vine varieties, Pliny asserts confidently, are imports from Greece.
    • Failure to do so, he asserts, would be a Doomsday scenario.
    • What can be asserted reasonably from the facts as we know them, is that they were a devoted couple.
    • Instead, he asserts that we are in fact so entrenched in ideology that it is difficult to even distinguish its parameters.
    • The other response is to assert that the supremacy is in fact the solution to the despair.
    • These types of beliefs, he asserts, are closely connected to languages and texts.
    • Neither does he explicitly assert that our natural beliefs are true.
    • He confidently asserts that the tapes are not faked, and that the vocal range is too broad to be made by a human.
    • The claimants assert that their claims should also have been settled.
    • The appellant asserts that the building was uninhabitable when he moved in, and that to return it to that state would be a retrograde step.
    • The claim asserts that this is too fast and does not enable an applicant to have a fair chance of putting forward his claim properly.
    • There are few principles so precious as that which asserts that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.
    • In order to establish that contention the applicants assert they have no need to rely upon any statutory underpinning.
    • This essay asserts that there are, in fact, two phenomena that need to be examined.
    • Are the parents asserting a religious belief or conviction?
    • Had there been concerns about any aspect of the process it can confidently be asserted that they would have found expression.
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    (demonstrate, enforce)
    (superiority) reafirmar
    (superiority) dejar sentado
    (rights/claims) hacer valer
    (claims/rights) reivindicar
    to assert one's authority imponer su (or mi etc.) autoridad
    • But surely if any religious creed is to have validity it has to assert its authority over science?
    • The rights were asserted as fundamental entitlements recognized by the international community.
    • No, but the appellants are not asserting an exclusive right to make decisions with respect to the land, even in their notice of appeal.
    • He takes them on a fishing trip to a remote island, cruelly asserting his authority en route.
    • The prison officers, though clearly asserting their authority, treated the prisoners with respect.
    • When women can assert human rights against them, through a law they can use themselves, women will have a right to a place in the world.
    • Throughout history, wars have been followed by ritualised attempts to assert legal authority.
    • They come to court to assert their rights, not to exercise some form of consumer choice.
    • What would have happened if the Thai authorities had asserted their jurisdiction over the offence here?
    • They are conducted in order to assert authority and extend influence.
    • How strong are you in the face of someone trying to assert authority over you through their verbal abuse?
    • Even if copyright expires, the court ruled, common law can be applied to assert the rights of the original owner.
    • They will allow people to assert their rights to fair use over copyright materials.
    • It is a little bit frightening how broadly he asserts his authority as commander in chief.
    • Unfortunately, the Roman Church was at the same time asserting its rights and privileges with a new energy.
    • I hope they realize that simply asserting authority doesn't necessarily make us any safer.
    • That way you assert your authority, but your colleagues don't think you're a git.
    • At a later stage, the tenant was able to assert his rights to possession of the land against anyone who dispossessed him.
    • Now others are asserting their constitutional rights.
    • For his era, he's no different from anyone else: what a father did to assert his authority was take his belt off.

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    hacerse valer