Traducción de asylum en Español:


asilo, n.

Pronunciación /əˈsaɪləm//əˈsʌɪləm/


  • 1

    asilo masculino
    to seek political asylum pedir / solicitar asilo político
    • At present, the Secretary of State grants asylum to all such claimants.
    • Each year, a smaller proportion of asylum applications is being granted.
    • Now she is to go before a panel of Home Office officials to try to persuade them to grant her mother asylum.
    • Home Office officials believed his story and granted asylum to him and his wife and children.
    • The son of a man sentenced to death in the Yemen fears his life may also be in danger unless he is granted asylum.
    • Now living in Glasgow, he has been granted asylum and, at 31, has started anew.
    • Doctors recommended the family be granted asylum on humanitarian grounds.
    • As for Ghazal, if she were granted asylum she would like to go to school in America.
    • The authorities in Dover granted him asylum and he set up home in Bolton.
    • He is now staying with friends in Levenshulme and plans to appeal against refusal to grant him asylum.
    • Makine was born in Russia but was granted asylum in France in 1987 when he was 30.
    • In June 2004 the Home Office refused to grant him asylum and was going to send him back to Iran.
    • If asylum is not granted and they are not given refugee status, they may be deported.
    • Rape is routinely used as a weapon of war, but rape victims are rarely granted asylum.
    • They spent two years behind bars before they were granted asylum by the courts.
    • Some have recently been granted asylum on the basis of having an Irish child.
    • They came here seeking political asylum, and now we're at war with the country they're seeking asylum from.
    • It sounds as if, as we heard, he is being granted asylum by the president of Nigeria.
    • Omar, a Syrian, resides in Britain, which granted him political asylum years ago.
    • Denied political asylum and protection, he's now urgently seeking a refugee visa.
    • He was granted asylum, grew up in Brighton and applied for British citizenship.
  • 2

    asilo masculino
  • 3anticuado

    (psychiatric hospital)
    manicomio masculino
    psiquiátrico masculino
    casa de orates femenino