Traducción de attach en Español:


sujetar, v.

Pronunciación /əˈtatʃ//əˈtætʃ/

verbo transitivo

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    • 1.1

      (fasten) sujetar
      (tie) atar
      (tie) amarrar América Latina Río de la Plata
      (stick) pegar
      (to letter, document) adjuntar
      (to letter, document) acompañar
      to attach sth (to sth)
      • he attached a name tag to the case le puso una etiqueta a la maleta
      • a bouquet with a message attached un ramo de flores acompañado de un mensaje
      • it is attached to the wall with screws está sujeto a la pared con tornillos
      • a sports center with a restaurant attached un centro deportivo con un restaurante anexo
      • please fill in the attached form sírvase rellenar el formulario adjunto / que se adjunta / que se acompaña
      • please find attached a photocopy … le adjunto una fotocopia …
      • we attached ourselves to a group of tourists nos pegamos a un grupo de turistas
      • so I create a sari-like effect with the blanket, and then pick up the baby bundle, gently laying him down in the cot and attaching the strap with the Velcro.
      • I could have dismantled the existing network cable from its wall connectors and fed that back through, then attached the new cable and pulled them both down together.
      • I was in a hurry and I forgot to attach an important document.
      • The Stromness lifeboat stood by while a tow rope was attached by the Banff-registered fishing boat Enterprise.
      • I attached the document he needed to send and I copied him in so he'd know it had been sent.
      • I clung onto bits of ice and tried desperately to remove the harness attaching me to the sledge.
      • Afterwards she sent me an email attaching a picture which she said looks just like me.
      • This meant climbing to the top of the 80 ft mast in a safety harness, with the yacht plunging in gusts of wind and a choppy sea, and holding on for dear life for five hours while she attached a spare halyard.
      • It was a simple matter of slotting it into the case and attaching it with a few screws.
      • 5 seconds later I realise that I haven't attached my CV.
      • When a warm body walks through thick underbrush and passes a tick, the tick attaches itself by clinging to clothing or fur.
      • We know this because, when replying to the editor, he attached emails from these parties to add weight to the points he was making when commenting on my article.
      • Police arrested a drug courier in London after attaching a covert listening device to his vehicle in Yorkshire and monitoring his conversations, a court heard.
      • I am attaching three documents that can be used to circulate this information.
      • I've attached a photo from him.
      • Before setting off we test our girl scouting skills by attaching Hanna's sleeping bag to her bulging rucksack with bits of string.
      • Mr Dilworth, realising if he didn't act quickly there would be a tragedy, cut the tackle of his fishing line to which he attached a three-ounce weight.
      • For the public record, the complete text has been attached as Appendix I.
      • Also, attaching documents may give rise to the release of information not intended, hence the importance of vetting attachments.
      • A few days ago I thought I saw a 333 in Sainsburys car park, but as I got closer I saw it was a 933, but the bolt that attached the number plate was right in the circle of the 9.
      • You'll definitely need to attach a good heavy length of chain to it too.
      • She also attached a list of piano teachers near me.
      • Tasers, which fire darts attached by wire to a battery, are frequently used by US law enforcement and are now about to be trialled on behalf of Scottish police by several forces south of the Border.
      • He also holds the record for attaching the most clothes pegs to his face: 159 at the last count.
      • Make sure it is printed on good quality A4 size paper and never attach extra documents, letters or certificates - save these for the interview.
      • He attaches a slightly more elaborate PDF document telling me what's wrong with the government's plans.
      • The Alhambra's stage has been transformed by a huge team of technicians who assembled the rink then attached it, by rubber tubes running underneath, to a chiller unit.
      • What was initially sent to Mr Croft following this request was an email attaching the two photos with extra text.
      • He could easily have attached an explosive device and blown up both subs.
      • The Rock doesn't simply sit in the sea just off the coast of southern Spain, to which it is attached by a narrow isthmus, it very thoroughly dominates the entire coastline.
      • There is also continued debate about whether they should be straight or helical, and about how best, mechanically, to align and attach them.
      • We note your statement in your letter of 7 June 2001 that you have not seen this letter and we attach a further copy.
      • They admitted attaching two boards to roadside railings in St Paul's Cray and were ordered to pay fines of £600 and costs totalling £300.
      • Darby penned an anonymous complaint and attached the CD.
      • At the end of a two-day trial at Cirencester Magistrates Court, District Judge Paul Clark ruled there was insufficient evidence to prove that in attaching the flag she intended to disrupt or obstruct security at the base.
      • During the Depression, unemployed veterans attached pawn tickets to their medal ribbons - a potent demonstration of their perceived betrayal.
      • In the lift I took to go home yesterday, someone had attached a sheet of paper which said ‘Propaganda is to democracy what violence is to dictatorship’.
      • I get excited when publishers attach a short scrawled note, but this was a really in depth letter, and very constructive.
      • Background details can be attached for more detailed information.
      • I've attached a picture of ours (click image for enlargement).
      • Before going anywhere Debbie cracked on with the table decorations, attaching the ribbons for the balloons and spraying them with gold glitter while I blitzed the kitchen.
      • The surgery involves taking a piece of ligament from elsewhere in the body and attaching it within tunnels drilled into the bone around the knee joint, in place of the damaged ligament.
      • They claim that by attaching cargo to a set of giant cables orbiting the Earth it is possible to propel the materials to the moon with a fraction of the fuel needed to send it in rockets.

    • 1.2(assign)

      to be attached to sth estar adscrito a algo
      • a lecturer attached to the physics department un profesor adscrito al departamento de física
      • I was attached as security detail to the civil affairs team as they toured the little town nearby.

    • 1.3(attribute)

      to attach sth to sth
      • he attached no importance to it no le dio / concedió ninguna importancia
      • The law rightly attaches a high value to a person's reputation not only for that individual's sake but also in the wider interests of the public.
      • If the elite attaches no great importance to having children, this says something quite disturbing about how our society views itself, and its future.
      • The two things he attached most importance to were the freedom of the individual and the sovereignty of the United Kingdom.
      • We need to look first at the value the classical Greeks attached to politics.
      • Moreover, realists argue that the need for survival requires state leaders to distance themselves from traditional morality which attaches a positive value to caution, piety, and the greater good of humankind as a whole.
      • When life and death are treated in such a casual manner, are we not breeding people who attach no value to human life, not even their own?
      • In other words, people already attached some importance to this commodity.
      • As someone who attaches no supernatural value to the crucifixion of Jesus, I would have preferred just a plain, non-supernatural special effects account of what probably happened that Friday.
      • He attaches sufficient importance to the note to reproduce a photograph of it in the book.
      • Contemporary thinking about medical ethics attaches much importance to respecting the patient's autonomy.
      • But any country that attaches any importance to the universal values of human rights should keep a close eye on them, and be willing to speak up whenever their words differ from their actions.
      • He only remembered the visit to the stand on being asked about it by his solicitors, and had attached no importance to it at the time.
      • This goes to the heart of why Graydon attaches such importance to the event.
      • In a Scotland context, he has been criticised for not attaching sufficient importance to goalkicking.
      • Dmitri was thankful that she had not attached any importance to his absence.
      • And even if they are aware of these factors, they don't attach much value to them.
      • Such people tend to emphasise the separate status of their religion and attach an exaggerated importance to dress or behaviour.
      • Do you attach any importance to what the press say about your music and your live performances?
      • She attaches a high importance to female education.
      • Albert then told me, without attaching any importance to it, that he had had a happy childhood.
      • Our society attaches an absurd importance to the way people get their money.
      • Why did he think successive Irish governments attached such importance to talking to Adams and McGuinness?

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    (salary/property) embargar
    • To recover the alleged stolen money, he said the unit had attached all Stone's properties here and in Port Elizabeth.
    • Buffalo City is successfully recovering money from defaulting ratepayers by attaching their properties.
    • They also attached property belonging to Naomi Worth, worth close to a million rand, including a Northcrest house.

verbo intransitivo


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    to attach to sb/sth
    • no blame attaches to her decision to resign su decisión de dimitir no implica ningún tipo de culpabilidad
    • the responsibilities attaching to the post las responsabilidades que lleva consigo / que conlleva el puesto
    • However, it is unclear why intrinsic value should attach to cultural survival as such.
    • This means that the conclusions he reaches concerning cultural values attaching to old age are not in any way tested against records of actual practices.
    • Just as society grows, so do common needs grow, and so grows the value attaching to land.
    • Much importance will soon attach to robotized means of warfare in underground service lines.
    • Judging whether any value attaches to the use made of it in these other spheres in any case depends on first understanding the ideas themselves.
    • The value which attaches to them can - up to a point - be measured in a price tag.
    • I recognise at once that the damage to the property value as a result of the stigma attaching to this estate is just part of the damage he has suffered by unknowingly buying a house on an estate with a severe pollution problem.
    • That being the case, no importance attaches to the fact that the State of Israel did not exist when the offences were committed.
    • However, the 5% rate attaches to the value of the house only, not the contents.