Traducción de auspicious en Español:


prometedor, adj.

Pronunciación /ɔˈspɪʃəs//ɔːˈspɪʃəs/



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    auspicioso Cono Sur
    he has made a most auspicious start ha comenzado con muy buenos auspicios / de manera muy prometedora
    • on this auspicious occasion en esta feliz ocasión
    • The story said that fire was the auspicious element responsible for the success of the Han Dynasty.
    • While all wait for the auspicious moment to tie the knot, these bureaus are always on the move.
    • The banana is an auspicious plant in India, a sign of prosperity and fertility, and occupies a prominent part in the traditional decorations in any function.
    • 108 is an auspicious, lucky number in Indian spiritual tradition.
    • But auspicious beginnings are not always reliable predictors of sustained success.
    • It was certainly an auspicious start, and most merchants are hopeful that the worst is behind them, and that there will be better days ahead.
    • His auspicious debut might have given him the leverage to realize some of his grander plans.
    • As mum and dad took photographs or recorded the auspicious moment on the camcorder, the youngsters played happily and tentative new friendships were formed.
    • "The 10th, the 12th, and the 18th are appropriately auspicious dates on the Chinese calendar, " he said.
    • But since the process is 85% successful, the omens are auspicious.
    • Until the end of February, cloud cover is quite intense - not an auspicious time therefore to be conducting flight sorties or reconnaissance missions.
    • These are not auspicious conditions either for future sales or the supply of ambitious workers.
    • Despite its auspicious and promising beginning, the Public Broadcasting Service largely has failed its congressional mandate.
    • These ‘lucky’ dollar bills have auspicious serial numbers and come in colored folders.
    • The patterns displayed the dragon, the phoenix, cranes and magpies, all auspicious animals representing nobility, luck, fortune and longevity.
    • Many wait for the most astrologically auspicious moment, which is 12: 59 pm on Wednesday, July 30.
    • I do think it is an auspicious sign that women can vote and run for office.
    • It was not an auspicious moment to make their dream a reality.
    • Because he sensed this was an auspicious moment, my father came around to the front entrance of the house, and my mother, who was in the courtyard, heard him enter.
    • Such timely rainfall is considered very auspicious in our religious tradition.
    • You go to a fortune teller who decides on a more lucky or more auspicious name and has it engraved on your spoon.
    • Guests are greeted with an oversized image of the moon maiden and tables have an infusion of auspicious red for linen.
    • An auspicious sign of record label interest might be when the company boss starts offering to carry your gear.
    • Timing is terribly important in the book trade and the publishers might have chosen to hold it back until a more auspicious moment.
    • It was a sweltering spring bank holiday, and he had not had long to prepare for such an auspicious moment.
    • So maybe this isn't the most auspicious moment for trying to get everybody to get along.
    • The astronomers' observations were used to divine auspicious moments for many different kinds of activity, from farming to warfare.
    • For Hindus, it is important that a child be born at an auspicious time.
    • ‘This is an auspicious moment for our company,’ says its co-founder.
    • The lowest layer contains rice or wheat flour, the second layer has clothes and jewellery, and on the top layer are items with auspicious meanings such as dates and walnuts, together with the formal letter of engagement.
    • Destiny plays a significant role at this point as the right people and opportunities come at an auspicious time when you are ready to take them on.
    • It comes into my life at an auspicious moment, as I will be hitting the road on Sunday.
    • At the auspicious moment the dignitaries press the button to officially launch the plant.
    • It was the end of an auspicious era for one of Scotland's most successful, if unheralded, sportsmen.
    • The omens look auspicious for Ainslie to repeat his 2000 success and inspire a British gold haul.
    • This isn't an auspicious time to make solid promises or definite commitments - or expect them from anyone else.
    • Your mail comes at a most auspicious moment, and the precise nature of your inquiry saves me from the rigmarole of empty theory.