Traducción de autocracy en Español:


autocracia, n.

Pronunciación /ɔːˈtɒkrəsi//ɔˈtɑkrəsi/


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    autocracia femenino
    • What they all had in common was that they weren't particularly democratic, being variations either on autocracy or on bureaucratic totalitarianism.
    • It makes evident the fine line between democracy and autocracy.
    • I hope that the council will now return to democracy rather than autocracy.
    • Monarchy and autocracy did not sink for ever in Europe.
    • Britain's industrial revolution was not without is severe dislocations, the first French Revolution was not an orderly progression from autocracy to democracy and the Great Leap Forward didn't go there.
    • In some respects the title of the book is misleading, because it seems to suggest that autocracy has ended and democracy has been enabled.
    • It is generally customary to consider the doctrine largely in connection with those states which have been proponents of power, autocracy, and absolutism.
    • And only sometimes does the fall of autocracy produce democracy; as often as not, it produces a new form of dictatorship.
    • Those fine distinctions - democracy, autocracy, monarchy, whatever - are not good for business.
    • Generations of people around the world have endured autocracy and dictatorship, totalitarianism, fascism, monarchy, oligarchy and even anarchy without knowing freedom.
    • But today those who revere the sovereignty of the state above all else often do so to preserve autocracy, and those who champion the sovereignty of the people are the new progressives.
    • Leaders of such societies were accountable to their people, and vice versa, with systems of penalties and rewards limiting autocracy.
    • And as a form of social protest against autocracy and political tyranny, there is no medium that can surpass cartoons.
    • We're trying to overthrow the very concept of tyranny and autocracy.
    • Eventually, autocracy should go the way of slavery and colonialism as simply unacceptable.
    • It has also brought about a greater understanding of different cultures and it allowed democracy to triumph over autocracy.
    • However, democracy can default into anarchy, autocracy, liberalism, plutocracy, republic, just about anything, if the majority desires a leader who is representative of that.
    • That is why democracy is superior to autocracy, and art and literature are valued more than mere sense enjoyment.
    • Such political scientists have since been recanting and admitting that One Party states simply bred autocracy and misrule by refusing to tolerate criticism and dissent.
    • Second, was liberal democracy or autocracy the future for the governance of mankind's common affairs?