Traducción de autonomy en Español:


autonomía, n.

Pronunciación /ɔːˈtɒnəmi//ɔˈtɑnəmi/


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    autonomía femenino
    • A former province of a state is being prepared for substantial autonomy and self-government.
    • Peaceful protests were from the beginning dealt with violently, fuelling local sympathies for autonomy or independence.
    • It first took up arms in 1949 to demand autonomy from the central government of the time.
    • Its aim was to suspend the moves towards separation for three months, whilst negotiating greater autonomy within a federal structure.
    • It first took up arms in 1949 to demand autonomy from the military government.
    • To optimists among them, at the very least the war seems to offer an opportunity for enhanced autonomy within a federal state.
    • The political dilemma of balancing a competition-focused business with autonomy for nations and regions is obvious.
    • For its part, the government has proposed constitutional changes to give limited autonomy to the north and east.
    • This allowed for greater autonomy within the boundaries of the Federal Republic.
    • It is demanding autonomy for the rich eastern lowland region where the natural gas reserves are concentrated.
    • Prior to 1917 the Bolsheviks had opposed the concept of federalism, preferring regional autonomy within a unitary state.
    • Both parties combine calls for greater regional autonomy with demands for a larger share of tax revenues for themselves.
    • For their part, the latter have signalled their readiness to drop their previous threat to split off from the rest of the country and abandon plans for a referendum on autonomy.
    • A relatively small group of nationalists demand outright independence for the island while others prefer autonomy within the French Republic.
    • The central government has said it is prepared to give the province autonomy within a federal system.