Traducción de awake en Español:


despierto, adj.

Pronunciación /əˈweɪk//əˈweɪk/


  • 1

    to stay awake no dormirse
    • are you awake? ¿estás despierto?
    • you kept me awake all night no me dejaste dormir en toda la noche
    • to be wide awake estar totalmente despierto
    • I've been lying awake nights wondering what it all means.
    • Not that sort of restless, you understand, but rather restless awake rather than asleep.
    • I think about the time difference - they're now asleep and won't be awake until I'm asleep.
    • When the entire camp is asleep, children are awake because they are eager to see their mothers, to have meals with their fathers.
    • In the dishevelled moments when one's neither awake nor asleep they will have felt inexplicably happy.
    • As a runner, I have more trouble staying awake than falling asleep at night.
    • Will, dragging Raven behind him, who was also nearly falling asleep after being awake all night, left and shut the door quietly behind him.
    • Lisa couldn't fall asleep so she stayed awake and studied him, praying he would find his way out of the maze of lies he'd created for himself.
    • More severely affected children hyperventilate both awake and asleep.
    • A sister who is also a good friend goes from being 40 miles away to being so physically distant she is awake when you're asleep.
    • Catherine was awake, half asleep, walking down her boss' hall.
    • He knew that, without even looking - which he did anyway - just like he used to know when Spencer was awake or asleep.
    • In the beginning the contrast between being awake and being asleep is great; it feels like the clouds have the upper hand.
    • She looked and saw that Isaac was asleep and Jack was awake.
    • Don't get me wrong, I'm no vampire, but, when possible, it's a lot of fun to be awake when everyone is asleep.
    • I was still half asleep but I was awake enough to hear the reproach in the nurse's voice and I interpreted it as her suggesting I had neglected Gerald.
    • This applies especially to my inability to distinguish between being asleep and being awake.
    • All of these effects are well known and may occur when one's consciousness shifts into a state between being fully asleep and fully awake.
    • She looked about her and saw that Ron and James, though looking asleep were awake, softly whispering to each other.
    • Much later that night when Hoshi and Minako were asleep Alice was awake.

verbo intransitivoawoke, awoken

  • 1

    (wake up)
    to awake from a deep sleep despertar de un sueño profundo
    • I awoke to find him gone cuando (me) desperté, él se había ido
    • I slept reasonably well, awaking only for the Erie, PA station stop.
    • Then pain was an immense pulsation on her back that hadn't stopped since she had awoken again.
    • As you awake from your troubled sleep, you realize that the group you'd dreamed about is deep in the woods.
    • The pounding on the door grew louder and Rolandon walked over to the bolted door, messed up his hair, and pinched his cheeks to make it appear that he had just awoken from sleep.
    • Her neighbour used a piece of bamboo to rouse him from sleep and eventually he awoke.
    • Every day she awoke from sleep and either went to work or didn't.
    • For one, the city that doesn't sleep has awoken even more, recovering in the face of tragedy with a determination and moxie that only New Yorkers can muster.
    • It was rather more like a lethargic dog who awoke from a comfortable sleep.
    • Skyler awoke when the bus stopped and walked wearily from the bus.
    • Everyone was sleeping soundly until they awoke with me yelling at the top of my lungs in pain.
    • After twenty minutes or so, the car came to a stop, and I awoke with the lack of movement.
    • But… he had feigned sleep as his sty-mates awoke, and had heard them leave.
    • He said he went back to sleep and when he awoke, she was gone.
    • On Saturday morning, Londonist awoke from a sound sleep with a self-satisfied smile plastered all over one's face.
    • He felt weak all over like he had just awoken from a deep sleep.
    • She awoke when the carriage stopped with a jolt.
    • Another stint of exhausted sleep passed and Kate awoke again.
    • It would be as if, when Gregor Samsa awoke from his sleep to discover he had become a grotesquely huge beetle, no one was bothered by the change.
    • It was like the students had finally awoken from eternal sleep.
    • Despite sleeping late, I awoke with a real humdinger of a hangover.
  • 2

    (become aware)
    to awake to sth darse cuenta de algo
    • to awake to the pleasure of music descubrir el placer de la música
    • Suddenly, everyone awoke to the realization that we had come to one mind, we had reached consensus.
    • In recent years governments and citizens and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have begun to awake to the problem of modern-day slavery.
    • Kirton talks a good game, and one which will be badly needed if Scotland is to awake to the realities of Ryder Cup bidding.
    • It is then that the battle to beat Labour in the Scottish Parliament vote steps up and Scotland awakes to the dreadful reality that it is now on a programme of non-stop campaigning.
    • Share prices began a steep descent, and investors gradually awoke to the reality that they had been had.
    • The UN and NGO community only awoke to the conflict in 2004.
    • Or is this just a case of Labour awaking to the fact that their social engineering programme is about to be revoked by the electorate unless they do it themselves?
    • Members of Congress have begun to awake to the problem of illegal immigration.
    • Just as he was pinching himself to make sure it was all real he was injured and awoke to the reality of trials and loan deals.
    • The weekly newsmagazine Veja finally awoke to the issue in the recent edition.

verbo transitivoawoke, awoken

  • 1

    (wake up)
    I was awoken by the sound of footsteps me despertó el ruido de pasos
  • 2

    (curiosity/interest/suspicion) despertar
    • That school field trip awoke my passion for photography.
    • I was five then, and had never been back, but I wanted to find that house, see if it would awake long dormant memories.
    • The memories Chris had awoken within her from their date in the park didn't help.
    • The demand for intelligence rose when increasing education, hand in hand with the material advance of the bourgeoisie, awoke a desire for political action.
    • In the intervening years I still watched the odd game or two each season, but last weekend awoke emotions that I’d not felt for years.
    • I think it was this curiosity about the natural world which awoke my early interest in science.
    • She returned there several times, which awoke curiosity and rumors.
    • He wonders if it is some of her blacked-out memories that have suddenly awoken in her mind.
    • The café appears in the brain as this delicious, muddy scent first, awaking a memory.