Traducción de awakening en Español:


despertar, n.

Pronunciación /əˈweɪk(ə)nɪŋ//əˈweɪkənɪŋ/


  • 1

    despertar masculino
    the awakening of new love el despertar de un nuevo amor
    • awakening to sth
    • a gradual awakening to the dangers of … una toma de conciencia gradual acerca de los peligros de …
    • a rude awakening una sorpresa muy desagradable
    • I had a rude awakening when I saw the state of the house me llevé una sorpresa muy desagradable cuando vi cómo estaba la casa
    • you're in for a rude awakening te vas a llevar un chasco
    • It's a rude awakening to the public sector for me.
    • They'd forgotten what it was like to run industrial campaigns, and the new, more deregulated system of enterprise bargaining would prove a rude awakening.
    • He knows all to well that some of the Muslim practices in the old country just don't fit the American way of life, which can be something of a rude awakening to people who convert to Islam.
    • The wife got herself a rude awakening to the fact that the times have changed, and that some good food and a good heart don't get you anywhere any longer.
    • I was in for a rude awakening to this fact not too long ago.
    • This is a sample of what I have received, it is in a way a rude awakening to me of the attitudes that some people in the West hold.
    • The sharp downturn in the US economy has brought a rude awakening to many in the IT sector.
    • He adds that primary one, with its desks and pencils, can come as a rude awakening to children used to playing with sand, water and paint.
    • But anyone expecting softcore liberal humanism is bound to get a rude awakening.
    • But sometimes it can be a rude awakening for students who think of spirituality as a palliative, a pill, or a magic healer of emotional ills.
    • It's a jolt, a rude awakening, trying to exist without light or water in the home when they are taken away suddenly.
    • Citing a few examples, people who thought they were buying a property with a clear view of a bay get a rude awakening when one day they suddenly see construction cranes and equipment for a new building.
    • Anyone who assumed the history of blacks in Canada was infinitely less repressive than the American equivalent is in for a rude awakening after seeing Journey to Justice.
    • This was the moment two suspected car thieves received a rude awakening.
    • Delude ourselves into that kind of thinking however and a rude awakening will await us.
    • This was a rude awakening to many, because that was certainly not the traditional function of a journalist.
    • Should my credit card ever be compromised, though, the thief would be in for a rude awakening as my credit limit is pretty low.
    • Both knew their civilization was headed for a rude awakening soon.
    • Of course, for those who believed in ‘locking in stability’ and ‘prudence for a purpose’ this past week has been a rude awakening.
    • I am getting a rude awakening to the Conference League and some of the frightening decisions that are made in it.