Traducción de ax en Español:


hacha, n.

(British axe)

Pronunciación /æks//aks/


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    (feminine (with masculine article in the singular)) hacha
    the ax fell on public spending hubo recortes en el gasto público
    • to give sb the ax despedir / echar a algn
    • I was the first to get / be given the ax fui el primero al que despidieron / echaron / pusieron en la calle
    • the series was given the ax after only three episodes suprimieron / cancelaron la serie después de tan solo tres capítulos
    • to have an ax to grind tener un interés personal
    • I have no ax to grind yo no tengo un interés personal en el asunto
    • Strong iron axes, with steel cutting edges, made it much easier to fell large trees, whilst iron plough shares were more effective in cultivating the soils resulting from woodland clearance.
    • After the game finished, he was surprised to find the wooden handle of his axe had rotted.
    • He threw up the axe handle and I chopped the wood almost in two.
    • Hand tools like the axe and the adze have thousands of years of history.
    • Neither talked for quite a while, both just sat listening to the steady swish, chop, swish, chop, of the axe in the wood.
    • If an axe handle was handy, that wouldn't go astray, either.
    • John enjoyed the outdoors, gardening, feeding wild turkeys, his dog, sawing and chopping wood with his axe and swede saw.
    • There were only two parts to an axe or hatchet, the axe head and the handle.
    • Steel axes replace stone axes, outboard motors replace sails, modern medicine replaces witch doctoring, transistor radios and cellular phones are eagerly sought.
    • In her hands she held an axe, the thick handle made of reddish wood, and the head a rusted silver, with a sharp, murderous blade.
    • They kept on hitting one man with an axe handle and it was unbearable.
    • A variety of tools are employed for woodcarving, and these include the axe, adze, saw, drill, and hammer, all used in the preliminary stages of roughing out the wood.
    • The case exploded into sharp silvers and he winced as he felt his hand caught on a shard of glass as he reached for the wooden handle of the axe.
    • Lucio was no where to be seen, but Marie heard the sound of an axe chopping wood outside, so she followed the sound into the cold breeze and around the side of the house.
    • In the fireplace is a wood axe with the word ‘burning’ inscribed on the handle.
    • I got hit over the head with the axe handle and ended up in hospital.
    • Iron axes with steel bits were forged for the most part in American factories that manufactured them in dozen lots in a wide range of patterns.
    • The man threatened to rob Tina's store saying he had a knife, but fled empty-handed after she whacked him with an axe handle.
    • He said he was beaten with an axe handle or cane, deprived of sleep, and struck on the soles of his feet until they were covered in blisters.
    • Sighing dreadfully, he walked out of the wooden door and picked up his axe to begin chopping what he thought was enough fire wood to last for three days.

verbo transitivo

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    (expenditure/costs) recortar
    (costs/expenditure) reducir
    (project/services) suprimir
    (services/project) cancelar
    (jobs) suprimir
    (jobs) eliminar
    (employee) despedir