Traducción de axle en Español:


eje, n.

Pronunciación /ˈæksəl//ˈaks(ə)l/


  • 1

    eje masculino
    rear/front axle eje trasero/delantero / frontal
    • before noun axle box / housing caja del diferencial
    • axle load carga axial
    • Wheels, axles and railroad ties were flung in all directions.
    • Pothole poetry has all the tragedy of lost love if not lost axles and wheels.
    • Indeed, the chassis and the wheel axle were specially designed to withstand such speed.
    • Independent rear axles are similar to front axle of a front wheel drive car.
    • Historians believe the sport's origins date to European Celtics who would toss chariot wheels attached to axles.
    • It is fabricated of aluminum tubing and has four wheels on two axles.
    • The frame, in turn, features an oscillating front axle and pivoting rear tandem axles.
    • Here, also, increased pay load can be achieved by the replacement of steel with titanium in such items as axles and wheels.
    • The solid wood frame is supported by metal axles and rubber-edged wheels.
    • And if the shaft is straight the light on the wall will hardly move as the pedal axle is rotated.
    • Exports of everything from axles and compressors to shock absorbers have also jumped over the past two years.
    • Are you going to have to plan on costly replacement of tires or axles or crankpins?
    • Torque is distributed from the engine to the front and rear axles via the automatic transmission and transfer case.
    • Like most Hondas, the engine is mounted longitudinally in the frame letting the drive shafts line up to the front and rear axles.
    • There'd have to be changes there: in the boilers, the pistons, the axles and wheels… rebuild the whole thing.
    • There was the distant clattering of wheels and squeaking of axles.
    • In this case, beauty really is skin deep because no one is pining for drum brakes, beam axles and carburetors.
    • These critical items allow the wheel to spin freely without damaging the axle or the wheel.
    • This car is four-wheel drive, so down the centre of the chassis there's a drive-shaft, connecting the front and rear axles to the motor.
    • According to whether a bus has 2 axles, 3 axles or 4 axles, it will be charged accordingly.