Traducción de ayes en Español:


Pronunciación /ʌɪz//aɪz/

sustantivo plural

  • 1

    the ayes have it gana el sí
    • As I went through voting I noticed at least what I saw were all ayes.
    • Voting can be accomplished by raising hands, by paper ballots, by calling for the ayes and nays, by marching before an official counter, or by installing computer terminals for each legislator on which votes are registered.
    • The band's preferred method of crafting their uptempo, über-'80s tunes involves intense collaboration and consolidation of the best parts, chosen in almost anally democratic rounds of ayes and nays.
    • Well the result of division there being 32 ayes and 31 nos, the matter is resolved in the affirmative.
    • They then circled ayes or no for each question on an answer sheet they had been provided.
    • For example, the Challenge Round, while receiving more ayes than nays from fans, will definitely be modified to provide greater drama for the audience.
    • After a chorus of ayes, I began walking towards the stables.
    • If one goes to the application book, volume 1, page 23, line 30, it can be seen that it is recorded that the result of the division, this is on the second reading: ayes 14 and noes 13.
    • Pota passed into law with 425 ayes to 296 nays after a bitter 10-hour debate that was punctuated by vicious personal attacks.
    • But a source present at the bishops’ meeting said the measure was approved with almost no debate, on a voice vote with a lusty chorus of ayes.