Traducción de B-movie en Español:


película de serie B, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbiːmuːvi//ˈbiˌmuvi/


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    película de serie B femenino
    película de bajo presupuesto femenino
    • Then again, considering how close many noir B-movies come to self-parody, it can be difficult to identify the line of demarcation.
    • These photographs project an air of cool objectivity, and with their serial format (most are either diptychs or triptychs), they read like films - B-movies in particular.
    • Fans of the slasher genre and B-movies are encouraged to check it out.
    • Though it turned out to be quite a creepy B-movie, the film is not up to the quality of the book.
    • The first half of the movie plays like a typical B-movie expedition.
    • Some may have thought it strange that I could just drop what I normally do and make something like a B-movie.
    • Let me take a moment to remind everyone that I judge this movie in terms of its under-the-radar B-movie brethren.
    • On the whole, it is in pretty good condition for a B-movie from 1963.
    • It comes across as a glossy knock-off of a B-movie revenge flick.
    • Maybe with a better cast, this film would circumvent its B-movie roots.
    • This exhilarating resistance to romanticism or psychologizing is balanced by the film's vast scope and its B-movie energy.
    • What's the hardest part of being an actress in B-movies?
    • Tim died before he could be rediscovered, still reduced to playing bit parts in paltry B-movies.
    • I'm a B-movie geek, I own about one thousand titles in my personal collection - all kinds of movies.
    • Still, the tightly paced story and competent direction gives the film a level of professionalism comparable to American B-movies of the time.
    • What is generally left is a lifeless B-movie adaptation, generously plot-holed and lacking any sort human element or any degree of excitement.
    • He works staunchly within the independent B-movie horror milieu, so you might not be as familiar with his work.
    • Although the direction is sure-handed, the film never really transcends B-movie status.
    • This was meant to be a drive in movie exploitation flick that nods its head in admiration for the B-movie genre.
    • It seems as though Anne taught herself to walk and talk by watching American B-movies.