Traducción de backcomb en Español:


cardar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈbækkoʊm//ˈbakkəʊm/

verbo transitivo


  • 1

    hacerse crepé México
    crepar España
    escarmenar Chile
    • If you're out for a big night and want some serious volume, spray some super-hold hairspray at the crown of your head and backcomb your hair to give it an extra lift.
    • But the stress put on the hair during a styling session, from having it pulled, teased, backcombed, brushed, twisted, coloured and curled, and from products that make it shine, look fuller and keep it in place, eventually takes its toll.
    • In order to keep it looking rich and interesting, backcombing is combined with a gentle wave to create texture and volume.
    • If performed incorrectly, the stress of teasing or backcombing hair can damage delicate strands.
    • I'd like neatly ordered dreadlocks that aren't monstrously thick, so the idea is for them to partition my hair appropriately and then use the backcombing method.
    • The Sixties marked the decade of the Bouffants - the famous backcombed buns.
    • We struck up a conversation while F. finished backcombing and Aqua Netting his current client and out of the blue W. said, ‘You want to see what I gave myself for my 50th birthday?’
    • There was neon, there were backcombed mullets, and there were real pop bands.
    • Spray a bit of hair spray onto the crown of your hair and backcomb to give it some volume.
    • You can picture the shoulder pads, backcombed hair and robotic dance moves, but here is a band that is more danceable than many.
    • Her backcombed and ratted coif doused in Aqua Net never looked any different to me but everyone went to great lengths to ensure she didn't get wet because no one wanted to listen to her.
    • I was a bit of a rockabilly in those days, 50's gear, backcombed hair (it was cool, honest), and I used to wear circle skirts with tight polo-necked tops and a very, very cinched waist.
    • There are patterned yellow floor tiles, toffee-coloured leather sofas and a chocolate-boxy portrait of a woman with cat's eyes and backcombed hair.
    • Lightly backcomb, spray and pin into a side swept position against the forehead.
    • He stared out the window the entire time the beautician curled and backcombed his wife's snowy hair.
    • Nobody went out without backcombing their hair.
    • You could flick your own crudely backcombed hair into your eyes, spill beer over yourself and press your ear to a speaker until the distortion bounces your brain around.
    • First backcomb them to create volume, then fix the roots with hairspray.
    • I had leopard skin leggings, a leopard skin top, my hair was all backcombed - it was horrible.
    • Could I genuinely add anything of note without coming across as another desperately backcombed fanboy?