Traducción de backstitch en Español:


pespunte, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbækˌstɪtʃ//ˈbakstɪtʃ/


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    pespunte masculino
    • Mattress stitch instead of backstitch means that I can see what I'm doing as I'm attaching.
    • To edgestitch pockets on casual garments, begin and end with backstitches.
    • For hand appliqué, outline the flowers and leaves with three strands of embroidery floss using a backstitch, running stitch or stem stitch.
    • Catch each loop to the garment with a backstitch.
    • Normally I secure each seam with some backstitches, but I didn't want to do this with the applique, so I pulled the threads to the back side and secured them with some knots.
    • Don't stab the backstitches all the way through to the jacket right side; simply skim securely into the loft of the wool.
    • Secure the gathering with backstitches, then join the gathered petals into a circle.
    • A blind-hem catchstitch is an excellent choice if sewing by hand - each stitch is a backstitch, adding flexibility to the hem.
    • When a square contains a straight line or dotted lines that join two corners, a backstitch is required.
    • Begin and end each line of stitching with a backstitch.
    • I always make a backstitch to begin.
    • Like any real therapy, if one works hard at it, healing moves forward by circling backward, Repentance, turning, is a backstitch.

verbo transitivo y intransitivo

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    • At the narrow end, do not backstitch but instead take the last four or five stitches right along the fold of the fabric, then stitch off at the point.
    • Don't backstitch to secure staystitching rows.
    • Push the filler completely down to the bottom of the channel and sew across the channels, approximately 1 1/2'' from the first stitching; backstitch or tie the threads at the stitching line ends.
    • Remove pins as you reach them; backstitch at the beginning and end.
    • The sweater ties at the back - there is a small slit in the right side for a tie to go through (duly backstitched and reinforced to prevent stretching).
    • Stitch in the ditch of the seam from the right side. Stitch across the ends over the cord and backstitch to secure.
    • Be sure to sew across the perimeter stitching with each line of stitching, backstitching at the beginning and end.
    • Start sewing again 1/4'' below the 2 1/2'' mark, backstitch to the 2 1/2'' mark, and now continue sewing the seam all the way to the bottom edge.
    • The featured garment has groups of five rows of topstitching (backstitched at the beginning and end), spaced 5'' apart along the pintucked length.
    • Topstitch 1/8'' in from the side edges, backstitching at the pocket corners.
    • Stitch the seam with a normal stitch length below this mark, backstitching at the mark.
    • Slipstitch the folds and then use the same strand of yarn to backstitch the loops.
    • As an alternative to backstitching, begin the stitching right at the dots and leave thread tails to tie off; overlap the stitching where it meets at the center back.
    • Stop stitching 3/8'' from the edge at the corner; backstitch.
    • To create a 1'' buttonhole, stitch the right upper and right lower front sections together, stopping 2'' from the center front edge and backstitch.