Traducción de bacon en Español:


tocino, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbeɪkən//ˈbeɪk(ə)n/


  • 1

    tocino masculino
    bacon masculino España
    panceta femenino Río de la Plata
    • My choice was scrambled egg, with bacon and chips, plus two slices of buttered toast.
    • The dish is also nice if you place strips of bacon over the top towards the end of the cooking time.
    • After putting two strips of bacon and two eggs on a plate, I sat down at the table alone.
    • Her father was already at the table, reading a newspaper and eating French toast and bacon.
    • You get two eggs instead of one, and the calentao is replaced by a rasher of crisp bacon.
    • A steward came round with a trolley of eggs, bacon and sausages to ask each cadet how many he wished to eat.
    • We would much rather our players had beans on toast than bacon and sausage and that sort of thing.
    • Cooper sighed and carried two plates of bacon, eggs and sausage on toast to the table.
    • A lovely baguette with sausages and bacon in true Dublin style was handed to everyone.
    • Butter the baguette and spoon on the lobster with a few tomatoes and rocket leaves, and top with bacon.
    • After showering and dressing in fleece and shirt we were ready for bacon and eggs.
    • The smell of bacon and eggs infiltrates my nose, making my mouth water with hunger.
    • It was a hard call but escalope of pork with bacon, chick peas and celery in a tomato sauce won my vote.
    • They had metal catering trays of bacon and sausages, and they assembled the roll right in front of my eyes.
    • In Ireland, badgers have been eaten and cured in much the same way as we now cure bacon.
    • Or you could just sear them in a hot pan, as I did, to serve with spring greens and bacon.
    • It's poached skate with fennel or lamb kidney sausage on bacon and onion bread.
    • After an eye test and picking up some home cured bacon and fresh baked bread, it was off to the river.
    • Remove from the heat and spoon the mushrooms, bacon and shallot into a small bowl.
    • I would seal them in hot fat, wrap each bird in fatty bacon or pancetta and roast till tender.