Traducción de bad hair day en Español:

bad hair day

día de perros, n.



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    día de perros masculino coloquial
    mal día masculino
    he's having a bad hair day está teniendo un mal día
    • it's been a bad hair day hoy ha sido un día de perros
    • These people have stuck by me through my highs and lows, my breakups and breakouts, my good hair days and bad hair days.
    • The media's keenness to highlight the ordinariness of celebrities - their bad hair days, their spots, their grocery shopping - only increases the idea of the accessibility of fame itself.
    • ‘I need a man who knows how to wield a drill, and to know a little bit about bad hair days and cramps,’ says one high-maintenance gal quoted in the article.
    • We all have bad hair days but up until I reached the big 3-0, every day of my life was a bad hair day.
    • Tying it secure, he thanked the Lord his head was devoid of hair, not having to worry about a bad hair day.
    • It's the age of celebrities in Britain, where showbiz weddings, bad hair days and fashion faux pas have become weekly fodder for glossy magazines.
    • From Delilah's Samson to the small boys who scream at the mention of a haircut, there seems to be a special male relationship with hair, and, certainly, if every day's a bad hair day, something must be done.
    • How many bad hair days can one woman be expected to endure?
    • Though I know it's getting old for you, imagine what it's been like for me. 49 + bad hair days in a row over the last 7 weeks.
    • Good hair day or bad hair day, there you are, every weeknight at 10: 00 p.m.
    • Rather than bad hair days, they have bad hair lives.
    • Les responded at the CBS press conference a few days later that Donald must have been having an unusually bad hair day.
    • We all have bad hair days, but this was something way beyond that.
    • I do not enjoy my back aching, my legs feeling like they are fashioned from lead, the spots, more bad hair days than you could shake a stick at and a stomach that feels like it has ‘gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson’
    • Now, I have bad hair days when my hair doesn't ‘do’ right.
    • Although we both dress badly, and we have continual bad hair days, there's one crucial difference.
    • It was a wonderful Saturday morning, no signs of storms, not a bad hair day, everything was perfect.
    • Keeping your hair short is definitely the simplest way to limit bad hair days.
    • But sports stars are not immune from bad hair days.
    • You lucky ones who boast a full head of coarse hair shouldn't be complaining about bad hair days.