Traducción de badminton en Español:


bádminton, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbadmɪnt(ə)n//ˈbædmɪn(t)n/


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    bádminton masculino
    • Jude was a brilliant badminton player so she chose badminton, eventually progressing to play at county level.
    • Norrie is a keen sportswoman who played badminton, soccer, camogie and tennis.
    • Two sports halls would be built to host badminton, gymnastics and table tennis.
    • There was a time when ball badminton was a popular sport in Southern India.
    • Several rounds of shuttle badminton games are going on here by journalists who badly want to sweat it out for fitness.
    • We offer football, baseball, badminton and skateboarding as well as dance and drama classes.
    • An Olympic gold would have done wonders for badminton's profile in Britain but silver is still a major shot in the arm.
    • A smash in badminton is more like a punch in boxing than a smash in tennis.
    • He is great at almost every sport, right from table tennis and badminton to even cerebral games like chess.
    • Games like badminton, table tennis, etc. are available and women have exclusive time too.
    • The club also provides outdoor and indoor games such as tennis, badminton and table tennis.
    • We met almost each evening and went for a game of badminton or just a swim had a drink in the club and he would walk me home.
    • In his spare time he enjoys playing two of the country's most popular sports, soccer and badminton.
    • There is also a croquet set and equipment for cricket, football, badminton and tennis.
    • Football and rugby union were included, as were athletics, badminton, curling, hockey and swimming.
    • Enlightenment came to me during a game of badminton at Kendal Leisure Centre.
    • Through Shine he has discovered a liking for exercise, including swimming, badminton and table tennis.
    • There, the teenager continued to excel at rugby, cricket, tennis, badminton and golf.
    • I like a bit of golf, but apart from playing badminton over the washing line I don't do much sport in the summer.
    • Two new venues on the Greenwich Peninsula would host badminton, gymnastics and table tennis.