Traducción de balance en Español:


balanza, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbæləns//ˈbal(ə)ns/


  • 1

    balanza femenino
    • I've been using the kitchen balance scale and must have miscounted the total of the little brass weights.
    • The advantage of the watt balance, or counting atoms, is that any country can recreate them, Mohr argues.
    • The museum currently has thirty-eight complete chronometers and twenty-three chronometer balances.
    • In 1669 he invented the Roberval balance which is now almost universally used for weighing scales of the balance type.
    • Lower costs is the main issue that weighs the balance heavily in favour of India.
    • Some children depicted even weighing balances in the stalls and gave the merchants a traditional attire for an added touch of originality.
    • If you are interested in purchasing a balance, I can recommend one made by Lyman for weighing gunpowder and bullets.
    • This is because chemical beam balances are eagerly sought by collectors of scientific instruments.
    • I weighed in the balances what drinking had gained me versus what it had cost me.
    • Indeed, whatever stands in dispute and needs a ruling the pointer of the balance will determine.
    • He uses the balance scale in the decision aid as a starting point to focus discussion.
    • Coins are split into groups that are weighed against each other on a balance scale.
    • The atomic weight of an element - the quantity chemists could weigh with scales and balances - depends on the number of protons and neutrons, which have virtually equal masses.
    • Thus, to weigh a bird, a pan balance fitted with a perch was placed in the cage.
    • By application of substitution weighing some systematic errors of the beam balance are omitted.
    • The weighbridge itself was an Avery platform scales with a graduated sliding bar balance which indicated the weight on the platform.
    • The vials were randomized within the growth cabinet and weighed on an analytical balance at 1-2 h intervals.
    • At the entrance stand the king, his wife, sons and courtiers weighing a young prince in a balance against gems and precious metals.
    • But the amounts had to be cut to the size of the transaction and weighed out with balance scales.
    • The transpiration was recorded from the weight change of the whole apparatus sitting on a balance.
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    • 2.1(physical)

      equilibrio masculino
      to keep/lose one's balance mantener/perder el equilibrio
      • Suddenly the vision blurred as quick as it had appeared, and she had to brace herself against the door frame to steady her balance.
      • If your bridge elbow is locked, this is a sure sign of of poor balance and weight distribution.
      • They allow him unusual balance, enabling him to overcome gravity and stay upright when he should be prone.
      • She shoved him back, but the space between the walls was not much bigger than the two of them, and he merely reached a hand back to steady his balance.
      • This is kept as close as possible to the middle of the car for a good weight balance.
      • Judo, I have been told, is all about exploiting subtle changes in balance and weight distribution.
      • By widening his stance, Jones has improved his balance, enabling him to be less jumpy and more selective.
      • I lost my balance and reached to steady myself on the only available surface - his chest.
      • The vertical semi-circular canals of the human ear are very large (unlike those of apes), to enable upright balance.
      • The suspension system has been upgraded and the hybrid engine moved back to achieve better front-to-rear weight balance.
      • His range of bats includes the ProSelect, ProElite and ProBlanco, which differ in balance and weight.
      • His balance enables him to ride horses with his toes barely in the stirrup.
      • Damia waved her arms frantically, almost losing her balance on her steady horse.
      • As he stepped back outside, Blair was there, laying a hand on the body to steady Jim's balance during the short walk to the shallow grave.
      • This weight balance is easier to achieve with a RWD car.
      • If you can achieve a good posture at address then it becomes much easier to remain in balance throughout the swing.
      • Scioscia raves about Eckstein's balance, saying it enables him to throw with maximum velocity.
      • I fell forward, but found my footing just in time and regained my balance by steadying myself up against a letter box.
      • Develop good balance and you'll remain a dynamo well into old age.
      • Then, using all his might, pulled the weight up to his shoulders and sat on his legs, bearing the weight with perfect balance.

    • 2.2(equilibrium)

      equilibrio masculino
      the wheel is out of balance la rueda está desequilibrada
      • mental balance equilibrio mental
      • to achieve/maintain a balance lograr/mantener un equilibrio
      • I think for my own sanity and emotional balance, that's the best tack I can take with it, really.
      • Whether the public perceives the benefits of having a greater gender balance remains uncertain.
      • The strategic issue for a country's leadership is to decide what is the correct balance between guns and butter.
      • Once a wound is obtained, healing depends on the ability to maintain bacterial balance.
      • In other words, omega - 3 fats help to conserve brain energy and help us maintain mental balance.
      • What is the correct balance between these competing factors?
      • Strachan has worked hard to instill the right mental balance in his side.
      • It seems to me that his mental balance was sometimes affected and that drink was not good for him.
      • Imagine I am in my lab coat, focused on colour, bouquet, flavour and feel, balance and structure, being as empirical as possible.
      • Acupuncture is known to stimulate endorphins, and so can reduce cravings and restore emotional balance.
      • Reasonable and accurate perceptions, therefore, are key to striking the correct balance between work and procrastination.
      • Another mysterious incident, which happened six months later, destroyed his mental balance completely.
      • Opposites and balance of course figure prominently in Taoism, friend of the yin yang and the five elements.
      • So if he sees staffers putting in lengthy hours at the office, he doesn't hesitate to take steps to make sure their home lives remain in balance.
      • About that time, I recall having lost my mental balance somewhat.
      • What is the correct balance between avoiding discriminatory employment practices and giving good customer service and applying good old common sense?
      • Students find that classes that meet every other week or so seem to strike the correct balance between isolation and overload.
      • The question of whether English law strikes the correct balance between concerns of free speech and the protection of reputations may now be considered.
      • When your emotional balance stabilizes, you may think differently.
      • The unification of Germany was his life's work, in which he was greatly assisted by his opponents' inability to analyse the balance of forces realistically.
      • To deprive humans of even one emotion would taint the stability of balance.
      • Health is seen as a matter of balance, an ability to live in physical and mental harmony within a given environment.
      • When the abandoned child is feeling its pain and loss, the rest of the adult person is unable to find emotional balance.
      • One can also say that a nuclear bomb wouldn't have changed the balance of forces against any possible enemy.
      • A man who had lost his mental balance was wandering without clothes.
      • With the sudden highs and disturbing lows, especially in the fragile lives of young celebs, mental peace and balance is hard to maintain.
      • This is not a point I like to ponder too much, lest it tip the mental balance.
      • He spends as much time as he can with them to maintain emotional balance.
      • But those benefits can only be sustained when trade remains in rough balance.
      • We must, as goal setters and achievers, find the correct balance between reward for enterprise and sustainability.
      • Select a material that will stay in balance with your garden.
      • As long as the biochemical balance stays close to its normal range, the cell carries on perfectly well.
      • The method integrates the physical growth and emotional balance of children with intellectual capability.
      • The earth's miraculously complex environment has remained in balance for thousands of years, allowing human beings to thrive.
      • Certainly, no person in an unsound state of mind can be left on his own in the hope that the religious environs would help him regain his mental balance.
      • The boy is shocked at the old man's death and loses his mental balance.
      • Such a dynamic balancing process does not assume the existence or practicality of achieving an optimal emotional balance.
      • Religious certitude, for many fundamentalists, is the portal to cognitive balance and emotional stability.
      • That can be a difficult thing to do, requiring emotional balance, maturity, and analytic clarity - a huge effort.
      • Reforms to the state, then, are not the product of those who preach reformist methods but of the balance of class forces in society.

    • 2.3(in artistic composition)

      equilibrio masculino
      • Raphael absorbed the classical qualities of harmony, clarity and balance which were always after associated with him.
      • Composition, balance, the skill of the draughtmanship, the function of the work and its emotive power are all integral.
      • A fine example of balance and grace, Mercury is classically modernist in its proportions and implications.
      • Myers has created a place where opposites meet and strike a natural, harmonious balance.
      • This portrait visualized the sense of order and balance, by the organization of line, expression of the figure and his gesture.

    • 2.4Audio

      balance masculino
      • With the best will in the world, no one in the audience seems remotely interested in the sound balance.
      • Which is understandable, but a touch of balance would make him sound a tad more professional and perhaps make it possible to listen to him without cringing.
      • Pires is best known as an outstanding Mozart interpreter, and she brings a very Mozartian sense of balance and nuance to her Beethoven.
      • When setting up your speakers and audio system, the Speaker Wizard guides you through it and helps you adjust balance and fade controls.
      • Parmentier offers us a level of detail and balance of voices not found on any other recordings.
      • Dausgaard is a conductor with remarkable gifts and a fine ear for balance and quality of sound.
      • Had to alter the volume balance earlier, as the music - which is decent and atmospheric - is drowned out by the engine noise at the defaults.
      • The Nighthawk uses touchpad controls for power, volume and sound balance.
      • Many portions of Tchaikovsky's Fourth benefit from a lighter sound and more balance among sections.
      • I learned to listen for each voice, to achieve the proper balance among the voices in replication as well as in my own interpretation.
      • The performance is a remarkable example of the maestro's eloquent stick technique and ear for instrumental balance.
      • It's basically a copy of what's on the Italian bootleg with a bit of tweaking to even out the sound balance where they got it wrong.
      • It was taped at the Royal Festival Hall on the 18th of September 1983 in immaculate sound and balance.
      • Surely this exquisite balance would have appealed to such a discerning composer.
      • Technically, it was an absolute blinder - lighting, sound balance, and music were all spot on.
      • The recording offers a natural concert balance rather than a spot-lit vehicle for the soloist, an ideal match for Hough's selfless virtuosity.
      • The sound provided by CPO is open and detailed, with voices and piano in proper balance.
      • Thereafter he was internationally sought after and revered as a master of balance, style, and ensemble precision in opera.
      • It's warmer than Boult, not as passionate as Barbirolli, and far more assured in its textural balance than Previn.
      • The main thing that strikes me is the perfect balance, or relief as Stokowski called it, between the orchestra and piano.

  • 3

    contrapeso masculino
    balance to sth contrapeso a algo
    • That meant it was a bit of a guess for the balance on new tyres, but our car always goes well over one lap and I tried my best.
    • Allow centrifugal force to provide balance while both skates tip onto their left edges in the turn.
    • A proper balance of the two forces is necessary to achieve sustained prosperity.
    • If the coaches are stubborn enough to force a balance, the offense again will be one of the NFL's best.
    • We also obtain detailed measurements of the balance of forces involved in detaching an adhering bead with a flow.
    • The total membrane area is a sensitive diagnosis for the force balance within the membrane.
    • It's a pity, though, that she didn't inject just a whisker of balance in the course of 3,000 doom-laden words.
    • At the level of popular feeling, and not just in the Muslim world, a countervailing balance is taking shape.
    • It is essential that the balance between the weight of your sinker and the line you are using is such that you can constantly feel your sinker tapping the bottom.
    • Disparate methods for defining force and torque balances and for calculating the mass balance of receptors therefore result.
    • The fractional ejection reflects a balance of forces between the inside and outside of the capsid.
    • The three-way balance between centrifugal force, Coriolos force, and the pressure-gradient force is called the gradient flow.
    • Once the load of the upper crust is removed from the lower crust, the balance of forces that act on the plate causes uplift of the high mountain.
  • 4

    • 4.1Finanzas
      (in accounting)

      balance masculino
      closing balance balance final / de cierre
      • balance carried down / forward remanente a cuenta nueva
      • on balance, the changes have been beneficial a fin de cuentas, los cambios han resultado beneficiosos
      • the balance of the evidence las pruebas consideradas en su conjunto
      • the balance of opinion la opinión general
      • Last transaction details including date, type of transport, fare deducted for that journey and remaining balance are displayed.
      • The text will also give you a regular update on your balance.
      • Tesco also offers new customers a discount rate of 4.9 per cent on balances transferred, for the first six months.
      • No banking charges for normal transactions if balance remains above minimum deposit level.
      • With holiday bills still clobbering your credit-card balances and income taxes coming up soon, who has the money to burn for an expensive spring break?
      • It is unclear, however, if the listed entity has any resources to foot the bill as its last two filings to the American securities regulator showed cash balances of zero.
      • The credit balance in your current account offsets your mortgage debt, reducing your interest bill even more.
      • These funds of which you speak are credit balances in a bank account, are they?
      • It therefore set off without notice the credit balance in the current account against the sum due under the loan account.
      • But in the short term the premiums did allow him to clear the debit balance on the 88888 account at month-ends and other reporting dates.
      • But if you don't maintain the minimum balance, watch out - you'll get soaked on fees.
      • Her reason for withholding the balance is quite simple, she is objecting to a rise in council tax of nearly 18% last year.
      • Thus it necessarily follows that if the private sector moves into deficit, the sum of the other two balances must move in the same way.
      • He added that the grant does nothing to deal with the £12m hole in schools' balances, triggered by a shortfall in last year's grant.
      • In order to claim a loss on IRA investments, you must withdraw the entire balance from all your IRAs of the same type.
      • Grant observed that the fund balance for the Association remains steady.
      • The first six policies in the list pay you a monthly benefit of a tenth of your balance throughout the course of your claim.
      • This service will provide an automated process of bookings of the client's local balances into one central location.
      • A spokesperson for Powergen confirmed today the bill was a result of a meter error and the balance owing on Mrs Wade's account was just 21.76.
      • This reflects the myth that the trust funds' balances represent an asset.

    • 4.2bank balanceFinanzas

      saldo masculino
      credit balance saldo acreedor

    • 4.3Finanzas

      (difference, remainder) resto masculino
      (of sum of money) saldo masculino
      balance outstanding saldo pendiente
      • You must pay this fee even if you pay off your balance when your credit card bill arrives.
      • When your clients are running late on their payments, it is unlikely that they will be able to retire the entire balance in one payment.
      • Other times when enough money is involved, they file suit to collect the unpaid balances.
      • Of course, it's not clear if sports fans fear terrorism - or just an explosion of their credit-card balances.
      • I juggled five credit cards in college and always paid the entire balance on time each month.
      • If the full amount of the mortgage is being lent on a fixed rate, the mortgageholder usually can't pay off some of the capital balance using a lump sum.
      • This optional life, accident, sickness and unemployment insurance pays off your balance if you die, or pays your monthly repayments if you can't work.
      • If 3 percent interest were given on the unpaid balance, then sixty-four years would be necessary.
      • With lawyers' fees plus the balance of the original bill, the total comes to almost $40,000!
      • That means that your payments won't touch the new charges until your original balance transfer has been paid off.
      • However, nothing can lead to poor credit quicker than the misuse of credit cards - several cards in one's name, huge unpaid balances, and late payments.
      • Even so, the trade balance remained in surplus for several consecutive months.
      • That would explain the higher bankruptcy rate and larger credit-card balances observed in 1997.
      • The balance sheet of a retired couple with their rising bank deposit balances must be getting better while their son and daughter-in-law move deeper and deeper into debt.
      • Miss paying off the balance by the due date and you could negate all of your hard work.
      • Soon everything from credit-card balances to auto loans was being repackaged.
      • Even if that entire amount were applied to the bill, paying off the balance would take 20 years.
      • Please accept my donation of $1000.00 to be applied against the outstanding balance of your laser printer.
      • And they've already paid off several credit card balances.
      • When the corporate plan was terminated after four years, Plotkin paid tax on the unpaid loan balance with his income tax return.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (load) equilibrar
      (object) mantener en equilibrio
      (object) sostener en equilibrio
      he put out his arms to balance himself extendió los brazos para no perder el equilibrio
      • The bridge is balanced on seven pillars, the tallest one 16 metres higher than the Eiffel Tower, and is hailed as a new wonder of French engineering.
      • The camera was balanced on a bollard and had slipped slightly so you can't see our faces.
      • The Lartique system comprises only a single rail - the carriages are balanced on either side so the operator has to be careful that it wasn't top heavy on one side.
      • It is hard not to gasp at the speed of the ascent and my admiration is more marked, and more edgy, because I know that the whole structure is balanced on a bearing the size of a small, round coffee table, like a pencil poised on the tip of its lead.
      • Each cylindrical mirror is balanced on the slimmest of supports: one steel wire, as thin as dental floss, that is attached to the gallowslike frame.
      • It took all my concentration just to remain balanced on the higher air pocket, as if I were balancing a surfboard on a beach ball.
      • The building's long, curved roofline is balanced on one side by a tall, twisting tower, with an observation deck floating above the city like a treehouse.
      • He said that the ballot was balanced on a knife-edge and that it looked to be tipping against the Prime Minister and his top-up fee plans.
      • It is balanced on the very edges of a cinema cafe table, almost blocking the way into the carpet/furnishings/fittings room.
      • Maura asked watching her balance a tray of food carefully on the palm of her right hand.
      • Rather than being set in stone, the iron trough containing the canal is balanced on top of hundred-foot long, spindly legs.
      • What happens to the eggs when you hit the tray they are balanced on with a fast-moving broom?
      • Queen Maura's bracelet was balanced on the edge of the rod.
      • It was balanced on top of a piece of wood, supported by 2 beer crates stacked one on the other and in between each song, he would have to reposition it because it was vibrating so much from the sound that it kept creeping towards the edge.
      • An enormous chunk of coal was balanced on the edge of the moving tender and released downhill as it passed.
      • This center was balanced on either side by images of the deaths of a peacock and a bull.
      • A row of more than 15 bricks, pieces of concrete, metal poles, wooden stakes and a traffic cone were balanced on the track in a blatant act of sabotage.
      • The average head weighs about a stone, so unless it is perfectly balanced on the top of your spinal column, the pressure it places on your neck and shoulder muscles inevitably results in the compression of the spine.
      • Because in an upright biped, like humans and Australopithecines, the head is balanced on top of the spine, whereas in the quadruped like a chimpanzee the head is slung from the front of the spine.
      • In the quest for the best pictures pretty much every piece of furniture had been moved in the lounge and the lights were balanced on boxes and crates to get then pointing where I wanted them.

    • 1.2Automóviles

      (wheel) equilibrar
      (wheel) balancear América Latina

    • 1.3(counteract)

      servir de contrapeso a
      • A fundamental tenet of trade theory is that trade amongst nations should be balanced evenly between imports and exports.
      • At the end of each newspaper edition, political opinions expressed will be carefully logged and the proprietor charged a fee for each that is not balanced by an equal and opposite point of view.
      • It's important to keep in mind that security needs to be balanced alongside other important considerations, such as speed and ease of use.
      • You are challenged to understand the importance of balancing the five balls.
      • This will give clearer guidance to commissioners on the national importance of renewable energy, which will be balanced by the many other considerations relevant to their decision.
      • Speed of delivery is important but must be balanced with accuracy.
      • If the risk increases it is likely to only be at the beginning of treatment, when the disinhibiting effects of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are not yet balanced by improving mood patterns.
      • This, however, was balanced by another new article stressing the importance of the ‘Defence of the Socialist Fatherland’.
      • Any proposed increase had to be balanced with the limiting effect of the ability of the poor to pay for the goods, and the likelihood of rioting if the impost was seen as too onerous.
      • This wouldn't happen if there had been a countervailing power to balance America.
      • A greater range of motion is also important for overcoming or balancing the usually more developed pectoral muscles.
      • The effect of sulfur must be balanced by the effect of manganese.
      • Hadi emphasized the importance of balancing the outdoor and indoor lights to create a comfortable lighting for the eyes.
      • According to Minasyan, the slump of the dollar value would have both a positive and a negative effect for the Bulgarian economy, and the two balanced each other.
      • We then discuss the challenge of balancing the right to education with the importance of maintaining safe and orderly schools.
      • He balanced my more radical views of industrial relations with his more pragmatic outlook.
      • The amount of nitrogen in the atmosphere has the ideal ratio to balance the harmful and burning effects of oxygen.
      • Notice that there is an arms race here, with ploy and counter-ploy balancing each other out.
      • Fisheries Minister Kim Chance said the case centred on a complex and challenging issue that required important considerations to be balanced in the public interest.
      • Good karma, as any scholar of Buddhism will tell you, has to be balanced by an equal amount of bad karma.

    • 1.4(weigh up)

      to balance sth against sth
      • you have to balance the risks against the likely profit tienes que sopesar los riesgos y los posibles beneficios
      • Projection of musical character also hinges, to a degree, on how lines are balanced against one another.
      • Government propaganda was not balanced against the historic record.
      • If the answers are balanced against the information they always go for the no-risk answer.
      • The number of manufacturers is balanced against the number of installers and researchers.
      • The public interest in preserving the confidentiality is balanced against other public interests favouring disclosure.
      • Abuse and mental strain flow through the story, but Eugene's crazed influence is balanced against the sincere love his family feel for him.
      • Thundering bursts of live percussion were balanced against contrasting bouts of movement from a cast of eleven men and women.
      • It should be noted that broad meritocracy might be upheld either as a complete view of social justice or as one justice value to be balanced against others.
      • But it is cost effective when it is balanced against the costs to the ADF and wider society.
      • According to Toner, the decision to outsource is a typical business decision in which risk is balanced against cost.
      • How should the needs of those with HIV infection be balanced against those with other life-threatening diseases?
      • It was a case that cuts to the heart of rural life, in which a woman's shock and horror at seeing her beloved pet shot dead in front of her and virtually on her own doorstep was balanced against a farmer's right to protect his livestock.
      • This derogation from representation is balanced against the need for independence from the passing passions that can excite legislators.
      • Instead, every calculation of profit is carefully balanced against the potential risks in an enterprise.
      • As ever, that comes down to balancing quality and value.
      • High PO2 levels help produce an efficient decompression profile providing they are balanced against oxygen toxicity.
      • Winston acknowledged that this benefit is balanced against as yet unmeasured risks to the environment and to public health.
      • They were balanced against gym membership, availability of open spaces and the consumption of fruit and vegetables.
      • ‘The fears of a US retaliation affecting Middle East oil producers is balanced against worries about recession,’ he said.
      • Wet spices like shallots, ginger and garlic are balanced against dry ones like coriander, cumin, cinnamon and cloves.

  • 2

    (account) hacer el balance de
    to balance the books hacer cuadrar las cuentas
    • to balance one's budget ajustar el presupuesto
    • Whatever the reason, a deficit will ensue if not enough money is entering the current account to balance out what is exiting.
    • For instance, a budget that was permanently balanced would freeze the level of federal debt.
    • If interest rates were at their equilibrium level, domestic investment would equal savings; and the current account would be balanced.
    • First, the bank's accounts must have balanced, so that no discrepancy was apparent when they were audited.
    • When the fortnight was up, he cashed the child allowance books to balance his accounts, and the credit system would begin all over again.
    • However, any significant move by the US economy toward balancing its international accounts will lead to global turbulence.
    • So this week has consisted of opening my hitherto shut-tight eyes and actually trying to make my poor sad accounts balance.
    • Sure, you too may have received credit from your supplier, but balancing the debits and credits is surprisingly difficult to manage.
    • As fun as surfing the net or playing games can be, there are times when your PC gets used to help with more menial tasks, like applying for jobs, balancing your home accounts or keeping track of your insured valuables.
    • He also points out that it is not enough for a budget to be fiscally balanced.
    • The air inside does get rather stale after sitting in there for hours balancing accounts.
    • But the costs of benchmarking will make it almost impossible to balance the national accounts if the economy fails to return to the boom times.
    • The account is balanced, and handles many issues involving Navy women well beyond the rather unreal and circumscribed little world of Annapolis.
    • Today, the US needs to borrow over $1 billion a day to balance its books.
    • I find it easier to balance my accounts against my bank statement with it than with the accounting program my accountant expects me to use.
    • Fiscal accounts are balanced and inflation remains low.
    • Some way must be found to ensure that their investments will be balanced and diversified.
    • What rate of GDP expansion would today be necessary to balance the California budget?
    • The account is crisp, balanced, and reasonably thorough, especially on bureaucracy and management at high levels across the Atlantic.
    • Their current account is nearly balanced, so a revaluation will have significant implications for imports and exports.
    • They can hope the economy - but at some point to balance the budget they're going to have to cut spending.
    • Nevertheless, visual debits were more than balanced out by vocal credits.
    • In order for the balance sheet to balance, total assets on one side have to equal total liabilities plus owners' equity on the other.
    • The difference is that she handles the money, keeps the chequing account balanced and the bills paid.
    • I'll give up my Palm Pilot once pen and paper can do all the math for balancing my checking account on its own.
    • To balance the account, the shopkeeper paid him the excess in cash.
    • The pact required European Union members to balance their budgets over a four-year period - meaning a deficit in one year has to be balanced by a surplus in another.
    • No, no, I'm just trying to figure out why this account won't balance.
    • So, for the benefit of those who can't balance their checking account with their socks and shoes on.
    • Where could he get enough money to balance his checking account?
    • Department of Finance officials are confident that the books will balance in 2002.
    • Loans to scheme members or to the employer are disallowed and, finally, a scheme's assets and liabilities must balance at all times.
    • The federal budget has been conclusively balanced, again on the back of taxes on prosperity and full employment which have turned the years of deficit into years of surplus.
    • When the Spanish speakers pick up the pace and the volume, it's an auditory cue to stop reading your newspaper, balancing your checking account or writing your article.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (hold position)
    mantener el equilibrio
    • So while she balanced on one foot on my back, she literally walked all over me with the other.
    • Many by De Mello are of fishermen throwing their nets, or balanced on a cliff with their rods lined up, or fishing boats moored in a foggy bay ringed by Hawaiian mountains.
    • The show was very Cirque Du Soleil including acrobats flying around on bits of string and doing implausible things while balanced on tiny bits of wood.
    • Now sit balanced on a Swiss ball with your legs extended and toes pointed.
    • Just as the audience begins to appreciate the beautiful rigour of this little coup, she does alight - and not only that, balances on pointe.
    • Street entertainers, dressed as snowmen and aliens and balanced on stilts, were pushed and jostled by the youngsters, who sprayed them with foam.
    • In the stability-ball rotation, you'll rotate your torso through a controlled range of motion while balanced on a ball.
    • Megan stop suddenly in mid-spin almost falling over, but she remained balanced.
    • She had demonstrated the move impeccably, hopping atop the ball, thighs and glutes flexing as she balanced on its moonwalk surface, not needing to put so much as a toe to the ground.
    • She raised her right hand to her forehead, leaving the left to help her remain balanced on her feet.
    • The boy ducked lithely, and Gordon had some difficulty staying balanced on the balls on his feet.
    • In a beautiful sequence, women balanced on tiny blocks, flexing their bare backs and arms, revealing the elegance of contour, spine and muscle.
    • Now, just as he balanced on the cusp of success, he's been derailed by members of his own Liberal Democratic Party, the LDP.
    • You can be moody and swing to extremes, be aware and remain balanced.
    • Mystery White Boy, on the other hand, captures the essence of Buckley's wild spirit - the singer balanced on the fine line between genius and madman.
    • The giraffe gazed downwards at us with a stupidly benign expression on its face and slowly stalked away, balanced on its implausibly spindly legs.
    • Hoss ran through the figure again, his bulk easily balanced on the balls of his feet, his movements light and sure.
    • In they paraded, balanced on their stylish high heels, lugging encyclopedic day timers and surgically attached cell phones.
    • Remain balanced and centered within, go around blocks and do what you want.
    • Its best to keep making adjustments to remain centered and balanced on all levels of consciousness, that is, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
  • 2

    (account) cuadrar