Traducción de ballet en Español:


ballet, n.

Pronunciación /bæˈleɪ//ˈbali//ˈbaleɪ//ˈbæleɪ/


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    ballet masculino
    • A sprightly Cancan performance by a Russian team and the graceful ballet movements of the Vladimir-Natasha duo had the audience spell-bound.
    • The most obvious candidates are classical ballet and the court dances from which the form emerged.
    • What happens when you combine the technical formality of traditional ballet with the free-flowing movements of modern dance?
    • With classical ballet, your movement is either right or wrong, and if you're wrong, you've failed.
    • However, with modern ballet dance comes greater foot support through modern pointe ballet shoes and trained technique.
    • The rhythm and tone of Jacobi's voice is complemented by classical ballet music and original music by Paul Grabowsky.
    • I take ballet, jazz, and Pointe, which is ballet on toe shoes.
    • He was one of the first dancemakers to marry classical ballet and modern dance.
    • As she stepped out lightly to the beat in measured, graceful ballet steps, she saw her parents smiling proudly at her from the front row.
    • This opposition of free dance versus ballet presents a two-dimensional portrait of past representations of femininity.
    • In a technical and physical challenge, the dancers perform Peking opera gestures and movements at the same time as they dance ballet steps.
    • There is an increasingly fine line nowadays between some modern dance and classical ballet.
    • Mr B is, of course, the man who propelled classical ballet into the 20th century, and whose centenary has just been celebrated.
    • I've never been a great one for ballet, and classical ballet, in particular, has pretty much passed me by.
    • I also danced classical ballet until I was 33 years old, then I gave that up and became a runner.
    • I danced in classical ballet because it was a way for me to learn another technique.
    • But the two acclaimed performances of classical ballet and contemporary dance I saw were anything but stuffy.
    • Dance forms range from classical ballet to free-form club dancing.
    • The classes on Saturdays and Sundays in classical ballet and jazz dance for adults will last for two months.
    • The 30 dancers are said to perform athletic, emotional graceful routines, blending modern, ballet and jazz dance to pop music, gospel and jazz.