Traducción de ballet shoe en Español:

ballet shoe

zapatilla de ballet, n.


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    zapatilla de ballet femenino
    • But I'm usually in jeans, ballet shoes and a jumper stolen from Jamie.
    • Though I love ballet flats, they're just not practical in winter.
    • I wore my black ballet flats with them, just to keep it kind of casual.
    • Accessorise with a fake-fur stole, a smudge of eyeliner and sparkly ballet pumps.
    • The kitten heel offers both feminine grace and womanly comfort, as do ballet flats.
    • I particularly like the black satin ballet shoes on the left.
    • But she had matching midnight blue ballet shoes, A-line skirt and shoulder bag, and the courage to wear a clashing turquoise wool-knit cardigan.
    • Vogue lists the trench coat, the bag, the white shirt, the jeans, the ballet flat, the biker jacket, the cashmere cardigan, the little black dress, the tuxedo and the watch as wardrobe essentials.
    • She came to the shoot in jeans, a white tank, black ballet flats and a black knit shawl.
    • I wore my eighth-grade graduation dress and ballet flats.
    • Next, I was swayed by the cutest ballet shoes.
    • Old photographs show the elfin Audrey Hepburn and pouting Sophia Loren being personally fitted by him; and the company still produces a ballet shoe called the Audrey.
    • I grabbed a pair of black ballet flats and leapt through the door after quickly brushing my hair.
    • An alternative shoe style which will make a surprise appearance in 2006 will be ballet shoes.
    • She may find it difficult to find shoes that fit (ballet shoes with pink bows do not count).
    • I reckon that size nine ballet pump you are wearing covers that stain nicely.
    • But times are changing, and this summer, women will be slipping off their stilettos in preference for fashionable - and more comfortable - flats such as moccasins, flip-flops and ballet pumps.
    • But all the basics of a French woman's wardrobe were there, from the slim, cropped black trousers worn with ballet pumps to the beige macs, crisp white shirts and elegant navy knitwear.