Traducción de ballplayer en Español:


jugador de béisbol, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbɔːlpleɪə//ˈbɔlˌpleɪər/



  • 1

    (in baseball) jugador de béisbol masculino
    (in baseball) jugadora de béisbol femenino
    (in baseball) beisbolista femenino
    (in US football) jugador de fútbol americano masculino
    (in US football) jugadora de fútbol americano femenino
    (in US football) jugador de futbol americano masculino México América Central
    (in US football) jugadora de futbol americano femenino México América Central
    (in basketball) jugador de baloncesto masculino
    (in basketball) jugadora de baloncesto femenino
    (in basketball) baloncestista femenino
    (in basketball) basquetbolista masculino América Latina
    • At that time, ballplayers worked during the winter.
    • As we celebrate Robinson's arrival and what it meant to baseball and this country, his absolute talent as a ballplayer is well worth remembering.
    • Westrum enjoys talking about the ballplayers of his day.
    • Clemente will always be remembered as a big-time ballplayer… and perhaps one of the best baseball players ever.
    • Puerto Rico, Mexico and Venezuela now had ballplayers playing for major-league teams.
    • I really believe that they need to bring in more players who have been there, ballplayers who have been successful.
    • My heroes were ballplayers, and every spare minute I had, and even some that I couldn't spare, were spent on the baseball diamond.
    • Before Clyde, there had been some ballplayers who went directly from high school to the major leagues, but few faced the pressure cooker Clyde did.
    • Only two other Christmas-born ballplayers who have appeared in the majors are still active in organized ball.
    • Most ballplayers are loath to admit they swing for the fences, but they're lying if they say they don't savor the moment when it happens.
    • Among things they do share, though, is an off-season conditioning program so demanding that few ballplayers work harder.
    • It was not long before Hispanic ballplayers earned their well-deserved place in the cradle of American baseball.
    • The vast majority of Americans followed baseball and ballplayers.
    • Every ballplayer's dream is to win the World Series and hit a home run.
    • But it's a deeply flawed squad, built on the faulty premise that star ballplayers remain healthy and productive forever.
    • In case my point was missed, I'll put it plainly: Babe Ruth is the greatest ballplayer of all time because he set both batting and pitching records.
    • All the great ballplayers have struck out a lot of times.
    • Because baseball is virtually an every day sport, ballplayers often react on habit.
    • Hell hath no fury like a ballplayer scored out of a base hit he feels he deserves, or charged with an error he feels he doesn't.
    • He believes in building a ball club out of ballplayers.