Traducción de Bantu en Español:


bantú, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈbantuː//banˈtuː//ˈbæntu/


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    bantú masculino
    • The Swahili language, a mixture of Bantu and Arabic, developed as a lingua franca for trade between the different peoples.
    • Swahili, which comes from the Arabic word meaning ‘coast,’ is a mix of Arabic and the African language Bantu.
    • The Hutu, Tutsi, and Twa all speak the same Central Bantu language.
    • Kenya is a multilingual and multicultural nation, with 42 different languages spoken, including Bantu, Arabic, and Nilotic.
    • Its vocabulary is mostly French, with a few Malagasy, Bantu, English, and Hindi words.
  • 2plural Bantus"or "Bantu
    malsonante despectivo

    bantú femenino
    the Bantu(s) los bantúes