Traducción de baptize en Español:


bautizar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈbæpˌtaɪz//bapˈtʌɪz//bæpˈtaɪz/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    she was baptized Mary la bautizaron con el nombre de Mary
    • Deliziosi, Don Pino's biographer, notes the paradox of a parish priest who died at the hands of Christians who were baptized in the same parish.
    • Many Christians have been baptised with the Holy Spirit but due to careless living (lack of prayer or living in sin) they are no longer filled with the power.
    • Both children were baptized in the parish last week.
    • Ironically, John promises that Jesus will baptize us with the same elements that the author of Isaiah mentions as dangers.
    • The different Christian sects baptize children according to their own religious traditions.
    • As a youngster, I was baptized but had no Christian upbringing.
    • When it was reported that a Christian midwife secretly baptized a Jewish infant who died a few days later, the body was exhumed from the Jewish cemetery and buried beside the local church.
    • Like many people who were baptized and raised by Christian parents, I have no recollection of the precise moment I became a Christian, nor do I recall a time when I was an unbeliever.
    • Christians were to be baptized in their parishes, be married, make their confessions, take communion, and be buried there.
    • Although He had nothing to repent of, Jesus Christ was baptized as an example for those who truly follow Him.
    • The communal nature of this endeavor is based in baptism, because all who are baptized belong to Christ and are committed to follow him as disciples.
    • I accepted Jesus as a child, was baptized, attended a Christian school, and participated in Bible quizzing.
    • In 1925 father was baptized upon the confession of his faith in Jesus Christ and accepted as a member in the Neuendorf Mennonite Church.
    • Both children were recently baptized in the parish.
    • Four babies were baptised in the parish over the last two weeks.
    • On the other, immense courage is needed to confess Christ, be baptised, and live and witness as a Christian.
    • If they are Christian, they baptize their children.
    • Consequently, at no time during his pastoral career could he baptize babies or administer the sacraments, although he could both preach and instruct children in religious precepts.
    • Easter was also the natural time for baptising adults who wished to follow the way of Jesus Christ.
    • Here, the biblical narrative describes how Christ was baptized, how he defeated Satan and the work of sin, and how he ascended to reign on his heavenly throne.