Traducción de barrier cream en Español:

barrier cream

crema protectora, n.



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    crema protectora femenino
    filtro solar masculino
    • To protect your nails from water and trauma, rub a cheap barrier cream into your hands and nails before putting on cotton-lined rubber gloves for household tasks.
    • Is there a natural barrier cream I can use before I go into the water?
    • Nappy rash can be helped by changing nappies more regularly, gentle washing of the affected area and using a simple barrier cream.
    • A good barrier cream acts as an invisible skin and holds the moisture in.
    • Otherwise, even plain Vaseline-based barrier creams and moisturisers are good.
    • Cleanse the skin at frequent intervals with warm water and a mild, pH - balanced cleansing agent, then apply moisturizers and a barrier cream as indicated.
    • Rub a little bacitracin over your washed hands as a barrier cream.
    • You may want to use a baby barrier cream to help prevent nappy rash.
    • The employee alleged that his condition resulted from contact with oil which would have been avoided had he been supplied with barrier cream.
    • A barrier cream, such as zinc and castor oil cream, will protect the skin.
    • The parents tried to avoid topical steroids, and used barrier creams for their soothing effect, as well as almond oil to ease the dry skin.
    • A liquid film barrier should not be combined with a barrier cream or paste because these products are often incompatible.
    • Protective gloves and masks as well as barrier creams have been made available to postal workers who desire them.
    • There are some barrier creams on today's market that claim to prevent poison ivy outbreaks.
    • Once healed it is best to err on the side of caution and continue to keep an eagle eye on your horses heels and legs, protecting them at all times with whatever barrier cream works best for you and your horse.
    • Or at least remove clothing that is saturated with liquid, and wash thoroughly and wash exposed areas frequently, or use a protective barrier cream.
    • If she can't avoid poison ivy, the next best thing is to use a barrier cream before exposure.
    • The skin was used in ‘chemical absorption studies’ as well as investigations of drug delivery and barrier cream formulation.
    • The use of skin emollients or barrier creams to prevent contact dermatitis is receiving new attention.
    • Avoid breathing fumes or dust, use a barrier cream and always wash your hands afterwards before eating or drinking.