Traducción de barroom en Español:


bar, n.



  • 1

    bar masculino
    • Grumpily and tiredly, we padded down the stairs to the barroom, and left the bill and a good tip for the tavern owner.
    • Like two men fighting over a woman in a barroom, neither side has the woman's own humanity and freedom to heart.
    • But in barrooms and factories and churches in Republican dominated parts of America, the reason is pretty simple.
    • I walked into the bar and let out a breath, slowly plodding through the barroom, ignoring the late-night barflies.
    • They were the same four that he'd encountered in the barroom of the First Chance saloon.
    • There were decorations of Valentine's Day all over the barroom and I was led down to the basement with no explanation.
    • A map showing the way to the Ark of the Covenant was burned into the palm of his hand when Washington grasped a medallion from the counter of a burning barroom.
    • An increasing proportion of homicides in barrooms, for example, occurred during robberies, rising from one in thirty-three saloon homicides to one in seven.
    • Anbinder has filled his book with great stories of bare-knuckle fighting, barrooms, corrupt politics, and mayhem.
    • In the front of the barroom a hooded young man sat looking over to where the three boys sat.
    • This night found Blitz sitting in the middle of a huge crowd in the center of the main barroom.
    • Located in the trendy LoDo historic district, this hotel features one of the most beautiful Deco barrooms in the country.
    • Until that date all Democratic factions agreed that the ward primary meeting should be held in the neutral territory of ‘Dooley's Long-Room,’ the large barroom in the Sixth Ward Hotel.
    • There he was, mopping the deck after that freak storm that had just hit, whistling a bawdy melody that he'd heard in a barroom once, when he spotted her.
    • It was more money than I'd ever owned before, but then of course, the only money I'd ever had was a penny or two that someone had dropped in the barroom.
    • If that doesn't float your boat, there's still Prince of Persia, Frogger, Donkey Kong and dozens of other games that once graced arcades and barrooms everywhere.
    • It was less sleazy than a lot of other places I'd been and the barroom overlooked a view of the ocean.
    • Most of the sailors were loafing in the barroom or lounge, playing a measured game of cards or writing letters.
    • He seems to favor the man's man… and this is clear in the male-oriented subject matter of his earliest works, which were more appropriate to a Bowery barroom than a European movie parlor.
    • In the barroom stood an enormous Italian jukebox - the only noticeable thing there apart from the brightly painted Gothic ceiling.