Traducción de basilisk en Español:


basilisco, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbæsəˌlɪsk//ˈbæzəˌlɪsk//ˈbazɪlɪsk/


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    basilisco masculino
    • For I say, fear the fire of dragons and the eye of the basilisk.
    • A basilisk lizard, or Jesus lizard, runs across water during an experiment.
    • The lone unicorn, basilisk and banshee wandered as they pleased.
    • Basilisk lizards are unique in their ability to run across water from the time they hatch to adulthood.
    • The computer programs tell us all about snakes and lizards and birds and mammals, about atoms and planets and plants, but not dragons or basilisks or cyclopsi.
    • The demo includes greatly modelled troglodytes, skeleton warriors, dragonflies, basilisks, evil eyes, terror eyes, lizardmen and lizardmen warriors.
    • Often considered to be one of the most spectacular lizard species, sometimes called the "Jesus lizard", the green basilisk is a striking addition to any reptile collection.
    • This combined pressure allows the basilisk to run on water with a speed of 8 to 10 km an hour.
    • And as they watched in amazement, Lanyon's skin started taking on a greyish tint, and her hands, raised to ward off the basilisk, froze in place.
    • To find answers, Hsieh and Lauder turned to the basilisk lizard, a skittish tree-dwelling species found in Central America.