Traducción de bathysphere en Español:


batisfera, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbaθɪsfɪə//ˈbæθəˌsfɪr/


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    batisfera femenino
    • Here we learn of William Beebe, who became famous in the 1920s for studying the ocean in a bathysphere.
    • The biggest difference between a bathysphere and a bathyscaphe is that the bathysphere is heavier than water and the bathyscaphe is lighter.
    • Fieldwork costs, for instance, range from plant presses to bathyspheres; hand lenses to DNA probes.
    • Fish biologists descend in bathyspheres and submarines to the deepest oceanic canyon, and trawlers scrape up odd saltwater nematodes and mollusks from the bottom sediments.
    • Spiders were diving under water in air-filled diving bells long before man invented the submarine or the bathysphere.