Traducción de batik en Español:


batik, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbatɪk//bəˈtiːk//bəˈtik//ˈbædɪk/


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    (technique, cloth)
    batik masculino
    • The event also features batik fashion shows and an exhibition of handicrafts from Yogyakarta.
    • To produce 1,600 scores of batik, the company needs about 500,000 yards of plain cloth, worth Rp 5,000 to Rp 8,000 per yard, per month.
    • Choose bright, solid colors or exotic prints, like Hawaiian botanicals or Javanese batiks.
    • What is it with the batik scarves, purple scarves and ethnic accessories?
    • While Astuti made his name with batiks, oil painting has always been his passion and that is what he concentrates on today.
    • He works in batik a popular method of dyeing fabric using removable wax.
    • ‘I really felt satisfied with the batik that I'd made, even if it was bad,’ she said modestly.
    • This film has compelling intersecting historical references via the dress of the 18th century and the African batiks (cloth designs) of today.
    • These colorful batiks are individually handpainted for a unique piece of wearable art.
    • Both Indonesian American men and women wear sarongs, traditional Indonesian garments with batik designs.
    • Enjoy a Russian folk-art exhibition featuring a wide range of exhibits including Russian dolls, batik and Christmas decorations.
    • The women also wear batiks, some even two different motifs, leaving each individual picture looking like an abstract work consisting of semi-geometrical shapes with contrasting patterns.
    • No wonder her Tokyo home brims with wooden furniture, decorative crafts, batik and other textiles from the isle, which she also gifts friends with.
    • Together with their three children, Runi and Adrian have developed a new company which specializes in textiles, batik and jewelry items made of wood, bronze, porcelain and leather.
    • Examples might include batik, tie dye, stamping, embroidering, applique and more.
    • Lye produced a number of large canvases, sometimes reworking his smaller pictures or batiks from the past.
    • Outside of northern peninsular Malaysia, batik designs are usually produced in factories.
    • The twins sheltered from the storms by learning the gentler art of batik painting, colouring in the exotic fish between their wax outlines.
    • One word of caution - batiks are not colour fast.
    • Certain batik designs, like the parangrusak motif, are still considered sacred as they were specially designed for sultans, their consorts and crown princes.
    • With inspirations from Morocco and India, designers love to have all the embellished details, psychedelic colours, rainbow prints and antique batik patterns in their new collections.
    • Carvings, batiks, basketry, jewelry, ceramics, and other indigenous crafts are made largely for sale to tourists.
    • Beaded cloth from India, Indonesian batiks, and Hawaiian tapa are perfect for pillows or throws.
    • The true character of the batiks she sells is particularly difficult to represent with a small sample because the dye colors typically vary across the fabric width.
    • So today, kurtas come with a whole new range of prints, art, batik work and even embroidery with stone and even wooden buttons.
    • I offer one of them my hat, a ridiculous khaki slouch affair with batik underlay beneath the brim - an Australian design, naturally - that I bought in Turkey years ago.
    • The walls had classic Bordeaux wallpaper, the table cloths looked like Indonesian batik.
    • Each will be facilitated by a skilled expert, teaching basic techniques in pottery, paper, batik, basket making and stained glass.
    • Known as a master of batik and other indigenous textiles, Obin has worked with traditional cloth since 1975.
    • Imported textiles are often used as a base, and artistic batik works are produced for the tourist market.
    • I have always liked doing both fabric and paper batiks.
    • Like her own batiks, Madden's home is a shrine to bright, intense colours - most notably a set of rich yellow reception rooms - and is the perfect location for her new salt cellar.
    • Tabletops lined with batiks harbour the requisite supply of plastic chopsticks, soya and fish sauces, and that ever-so-spicy thick red stuff.
    • Apart from attire, Sofia also makes household linen from print batik, including table clothes, bedsheets and curtains.
    • I was reminded of this as I stood ironing 40 batiks today.
    • He is one of the new generation of pioneers in batik design, which he makes on textured woven fabric with the play of soft color gradation.
    • She contributed a dining-room table and an entertainment center she built, as well as photos from her stint as a teacher in Namibia and batiks gathered on side trips to Zimbabwe.
    • It didn't take her long to appreciate the great depth and range of batik designs that vary from district to district.
    • It is said that there are over 3,000 batik designs that include Indian, Chinese and Buddhist patterns including indigenous motifs of local fruits and flowers.
    • They use brightly colored cotton prints with splashy, large designs; some also wear tie-dyed, wood-block, or batik prints.