Traducción de batten en Español:


listón, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbat(ə)n//ˈbætn/


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    • 1.1Construcción
      (for door, wall)

      listón masculino
      • The arrangement and integrity of the rafters, wattles, battens and fixings in most of the buildings with medieval thatch suggest that their base coats were applied when the buildings were first constructed.
      • The cedar battens that cover the joints in the wainscoting are typical of the way in which the architects create elegant ornamentation out of practical detail.
      • Prior to that, paper was mounted onto stretched hessian and attached to the wall by wooden battens, the traditional way of attaching fabric to walls.
      • Furthermore, some of the exposed walls visible round the site are shored up by large beams or are partially covered by black sheeting underneath battens.
      • The horizontal timber battens of the south wall overlay profiled metal sheets, changing the scale of the wall and introducing shadow animation.
      • Layered battens, vines and translucent corrugated acrylic sheets on the west make a wall animated by shadow play on the inside, and a vertical garden outside.
      • Up for grabs are 144 balcony seats; large area of staging; stage curtain rail and black drape; lighting battens; cinema screen and frame; cinema projectors and dressing room items.
      • Then nail in place wooden battens to support the tiles - checking first that there are no hidden pipes or cables.
      • Erected within the existing parapet walls, externally it is a simple box of fibre cement sheet with black-painted cover battens and projecting hardwood window frames.
      • It is usually best to nail a straight wooden batten so that the top of the batten is set to the horizontal line.
      • A hang glider has an aluminium frame which supports the sailcloth and uses internal battens in the wing to define the aerofoil shape.
      • The plank was much springier than he had imagined, and he found himself doing an awkward hop-skip-and-stumble over its battens as it flexed under his boots.
      • Wooden battens resting across the open top may be associated with its later use for tanning, indicated by leather off-cuts.
      • We wedged the sides in the casements and, while Graham was outside applying more nails and battens to make it weather-tight, I fetched old towels to mop up the water on the window seat and on the floor beneath.
      • About 50 metres along the gully, we saw a stack of fence battens ahead.
      • The stage is stripped of drapery, and lighting battens at various heights form a sloped canopy overhead.
      • If you are working with a batten make sure that the tiles are firmly seated on it.
      • Extra outlet space can be got by raising every third row of roof sheeting by inserting battens over the purlins and nailing the sheets to these battens and purlins.
      • Battens were secured to the central rafter, allowing the weight of the tiles to displace the battens, causing the tiles to slip.
      • Like a woven basket, the meshing together of the various elements - ribs, battens and shingles - creates a strong, stable, composite structure.

    • 1.2British Construcción
      (for flooring)

      tabla femenino

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    • 2.1Marina
      (for sail)

      sable masculino
      listón masculino
      • Later Rohan explained how one checked the shape of the sail and the force required to ‘flip’ the batten end, to determine if the battens had the same tension on both left and right tip.
      • Also with the sail tensioned the battens didn't catch on the cross tubes as you pushed them in.
      • By 1980, the mainsail roach had been increased, a full-length top batten added to the mainsail and the jib size increased slightly for a new sail area of 87 square feet.
      • Her Falcon had no damage either, except all of the battens were flipped over, as the sail all but turned inside out.
      • I would prefer a standard flip tip on the last batten rather then a string but in this configuration the tip is more durable to set up and breakdown.
      • So far, two trimarans have abandoned the TJV - the most recent being Banque Covefi with Bertrand de Broc and Pascal Bidegorry due to battery problems and broken mainsail battens.
      • I did use the kick stand on the Litespeed to lift the trailing edge of the sail up making it easier to put in the battens.
      • The glider is a Wings Albatross (no connection to Enterprise Wings) with a sail area of over 200 square feet and no battens.
      • A new ‘U’ shaped batten pocket tends to lock the sail to the batten and help limit chord wise pressure movement resulting in less pitch up in strong thermal conditions.

    • 2.2Marina
      (for hatch)

      listón masculino
      barra de cierre femenino
      • 'And if it also comes on to blow and rain uncommonly hard, we take battens, stout laths of wood, that fit against the coaming, the raised rim of the hatchway, and so pin the tarpaulin down drum tight.
      • I also wonder if Bo has tightened the batten strings to reduce washout.
      • All around there was a foot, or it may be a little more or less, space between, allowing for the battens to go over the hatches.

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    guía femenino

verbo transitivo

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    (tarpaulin) reforzar con listones
    • Shopkeepers battened their steel doors and people rushed for home.
    • The big dogs are battened down in the kennel and the only means of air are some holes big enough for my hands to go through.
    • The hull had been tied and battened, and the final layer of sheep fat and lime would be applied to the outside planks, and, before the sun set, the ship would be dragged toward the tide flats as she rose upon the returning sea.
    • The Swan 36 comes with a fully battened mainsail and roller furling genoa as standard equipment.
    • I battened down my kitchen and ants venturing inside seemed stumped.
    • Cornwall and Regan batten their gates against the coming storm.
    • Well, we think we've got everything battened down.
    • Although we batten down all bottles and loose items, this time, mercifully, there is only a moderate swell.
    • Schools often do not have windows but instead have large open frames that can be battened down during storms.