Traducción de battered en Español:


abollado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈbædərd//ˈbatəd/


  • 1

    (worn, dented)
    (car) abollado
    (hat/suitcase) estropeado
    (image/reputation) maltrecho
    her battered pride su orgullo herido
    • Then there was the suit, which he wore well for a guy who lived in battered jeans and worn-out shirts.
    • Kurei pulled on his old battered trainers and black denim jacket.
    • He fishes into a battered black holdall, pulls out the manifesto and triumphantly taps his forefinger on the table.
    • It was a nicely made coat, thick and warm, but it was battered and beaten.
    • The screen rises and reveals a woman clad in battered basketball boots, pushed-down white socks, a denim skirt and an old guitar.
    • He fetched an extremely battered antique book from his bookshelf.
    • But showing up when it doesn't matter will not repair the damage to his battered image.
    • I never saw him in anything but jeans, shirts with snaps, boots, and a battered old hat.
    • I don't have a wallet, just a battered black leather organiser, which I've had for almost 30 years.
    • In the boot of one lay a battered set of secure briefcases.
    • If your mouse pad is battered from years of hard use, consider purchasing a new one.
    • I followed him quietly around the other car park until we stopped beside a battered looking black car.
    • He placed one battered boot on the first rung of the ladder.
    • A swimmer gets up and approaches the sea and Haley is down once more, trotting on the black sand with a battered piece of flotation equipment, just in case.
    • He reappeared a moment later, clutching a rather dusty and battered deck of cards.
    • For an instant, his painted, red-nailed forefinger catches the light as it strikes middle C on his old, battered harmonium.
    • He kicked off the battered boots and massaged his aching joints.
    • The jeans are battered, the boots heavily scuffed.
    • The flint axehead used had been left at the barrow, its battered and damaged cutting edge precisely fitting some of the cutmarks on the wood.
    • I'm off to Paris tomorrow evening for a meeting on Thursday morning and I really didn't relish the thought of taking my battered boots along with me.
  • 2

    (baby/wife/child) maltratado
    (baby/wife/child) que recibe malos tratos
    • Speculation is mounting over the leadership of the Labour group on Hull Council which has been left bruised and battered by the recent electoral defeat.
    • Children from families experiencing domestic violence were recruited from battered women's shelters.
    • They include referrals from Social Services and New Deal, pupils who do not attend school, special needs teenagers, battered wives and asylum seekers.
    • The new K - 1 Grand Prix Champion is battered and bruised and feels no pain - only the joy of victory.
    • She explains that her experience is not uncommon among battered wives.
    • New York's approach might well cause other states to revisit harsh approaches to removals of children from the battered parent.
    • She expected a retort, another blow to her already battered body, but neither came.
    • A schoolgirl has been left bruised and battered after she was subjected to a 10-minute beating by a gang of girls.
    • She was often helping a battered wife or a person battling drug addiction or someone needing a place to stay for the night.
    • They were both left badly battered and bruised.
    • The North Coast representative team is back from Gosford a little battered and bruised, but having performed competitively in every match.
    • Well, my father is a bus driver - he used to be a chef - and my mum works in a refuge for battered wives.
    • Cronulla have taken the route of least resistance after a mammoth meeting against the Roosters last weekend left them bruised and battered but very content.
    • There are memoirs by battered wives, but not batterers.
    • That history was one of poverty and violence, of battered women and abandoned children.
    • Raven hovered around the bruised and battered girl.
    • All 15 are eventually released, tired, bruised, battered and traumatised.
    • ‘We hope that he is not too battered and bruised,’ he said.
    • Rai, who plays the role of a battered wife in the drama, has become a Cannes regular in recent years.
    • When he refused to hand over money the trio dragged him to the ground and launched into a vicious assault leaving the victim battered and bruised.
    • For battered wives, at least, it would have been a boon.
    • An indictment could make it difficult for CA to borrow money and would be a severe blow to its already battered reputation.
    • But it was only after the wine glass attack, on December 27, 2003, his battered partner decided she could take no more abuse.
    • Police in Basingstoke are called by at least one battered partner a day.
    • I was recently talking to a friend in London who works with battered wives and children.
    • If children are abused and wives are battered, that has nothing to do with insufficient information.
    • That was because of the bruised and battered right thumb Harrington injured smashing it into a tree playing Thomas Levet on Friday.
    • He looked battered, bruised and utterly defeated.
    • His only priority should be the future wellbeing of the country and its people of all cultures, ages and wealth, not the battered and bruised egos of past conquests.
    • Fife is feeling battered and bruised at the moment.
    • In fact everyone is depending on the military to come through and prevent another wave of violence engulfing this already battered nation.
    • This arrangement proved to be both damaging and unhelpful for the battered wife.
    • Muslim women and battered wives are joining forces to give their children an enjoyable day out.
    • He came home 15 hours later, battered and bruised, and later went back.
    • This year the lament and longing for the South, now standing so battered by Hurricane Katrina, strikes me with unusual poignancy.
    • Why should police privacy be better-protected than that of battered spouses or deported passengers?
    • Museums and galleries, already battered and bruised by the 1980s, largely gave into New Labour's agenda.
    • Frankly, though, this strikes me as some sort of bizarre battered spouse response.
    • As a result, shelter workers know all too well of the confusion and conflicting loyalties surrounding an individual battered wife.
    • The last time he had been in his room he had been bruised and battered, staying only long enough to grab his money and some basic essentials before fleeing to the Bronx.