Traducción de beard en Español:


barba, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbɪrd//bɪəd/


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    (of person)
    barba femenino
    a man with a beard un barbudo
    • to have / wear a beard tener barba
    • two/three days' (growth of) beard una barba de dos/tres días
    • stop mumbling into your beard! ¡deja de hablar entre dientes!
    • He had even taken the time to dye his beard and hair black.
    • A little beard definitely makes my cheeks look a bit fuller, which can only be a good thing.
    • He had long shaggy dirty blond hair almost completely covering his eyes; he had a two-day-old beard forming on his cheeks and chin.
    • I'm also cultivating a tiny beard under my lower lip but purely because I quite liked tugging on it.
    • They contain more blood than essence in men, and thus promote the growth of the beard and body hair.
    • They are young; they wear fatigues and sport long black hair and beards.
    • His suit was dark, his hair dyed black, his beard full and neat.
    • The two six-year-old boys described the man who approached them as white, aged about 40, with some beard growth on his chin.
    • He had short black hair with a black beard and what has been described as ‘sores’ on his face.
    • His long, tangled hair joined with his beard, his long black leather coat was clad with silver chains and spikes, as were his solid boots.
    • After completing their career courses, captains arrive at new duty stations wearing Bermuda shorts, Birkenstocks, and 3-day growths of beards.
    • Euthenas giggled as the whiskery hairs of his beard tickled her cheeks.
    • She laid her head back on his shoulder, taking pleasure in the soft, dry texture of his trim beard against her cheek.
    • He was tall and muscular with shaggy black hair with a beard.
    • The giveaways are the white beard, ruddy cheeks and pet cat draped round his neck like a fur stole.
    • The other was 5ft 9in with short black hair and a beard.
    • He washed his face and shaved his nightly growth of a beard.
    • He had white skin, a trimmed beard, small black eyes and short-cropped hair around a bald spot.
    • Instead, I've tried to ignore it, but whether I shave off my goatee, grow a beard or cut my hair, the resemblance won't go away.
    • The man was a giant, with a large flowing mane of jet black hair and a beard to match.
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    barbas femenino
    • The small head is solid gold in colour, with a happy, playful expression, wide square jaw and a red beard.
    • The beard and whiskers are white or grey, the forehead band and mane are white to yellow-white.
    • Many of the larger hatcheries claim to sell araucanas, but instead are selling americanas, which have a tail and a beard instead of tufts, or Easter Egg chickens, which can look like anything as they are only part araucana.
    • The goat has dilute glaze on its forehead and upper beard.
    • The Ameraucana has a tail, muffs, and a beard around its face.
    • Most of them show an animal with cloven hoofs and a beard like a goat, or sometimes a mane like a horse.
    • The tail is short and tipped with black; ears have long black tufts and cheeks have long pale ruffs which form a pointed beard at the throat.
    • Both males and females are brown to dark-gray with light beards and dark faces.
    • A bird shot by a 9-year-old of Lebanon set new Oregon state records for weight, beard length and overall score.
    • Turkey beards (likened to human scalps) were used for some of the vertical elements of traditional Osage hair roaches.
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    arista femenino
    • The strands of barley's beard can get stuck in an animals mouth because it is sharp.
    • The beard and branches are cut off to leave only the best part of the ginseng, however the head is left on for consumers to better assess the quality of the herb.
    • Our wheat does have a beard, but not as itchy as a barley awn.
    • I've named it after Henri Becquerel in honour of the plant's peculiar beard.
    • Each grain is covered with a husk called the ‘lemma’ which may or may not have a long hair or ‘beard’ on the tip; modern wheats include bearded and beardless varieties.
    • Decorate each ‘ear’ with two leaves and spun sugar to resemble corn beards.
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    (pretend girlfriend)
    mujer que acompaña a un homosexual a un evento social a fin de ocultar su homosexualidad

verbo transitivo


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    • Is this, at bottom, about international order or is it really about bearding the Americans and glorifying France?
    • Vida away, Elsie and Aileen teaching, so I was left to beard the dragon.
    • Cue Albertz on Friday, bursting into the Sunday assembly and bearding my colleague, the sepulchral Hugh Keevins, accusing him of invention, hyperbole and all manner of crimes against the natural order.
    • But at least by bearding MacDiarmid, Muir drew out into the open the issue of language which continues to occupy - if not preoccupy - Scottish poets today.
    • The man was bearded and wore a shiny suit and a red leather tie.
    • I missed my daily dose of Prof. Quiggin for a week or so, due to his spam crisis, so I didn't notice that the Professor's commenters were already bearding this interesting question…