Traducción de beatific en Español:


beatífico, adj.

Pronunciación /biːəˈtɪfɪk//ˌbiəˈtɪfɪk/


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    • Several times a day, you'll catch them gazing at it in unapologetic fascination, heads tilted to one side, eyes filled with wonder, smiles beatific.
    • For the second time that night, Selina gave a genuine, beatific smile.
    • I smile one of my beatific smiles throughout, and leave happy.
    • He listens with a beatific half smile to his visitors in English and responds in rapid fire Nepali, which the secretary in his ministry does not bother to translate.
    • Not just polite little smiles either, but huge, genuine, sparkly-eyed smiles of pure beatific satisfaction.
    • The smile that spread across Nicholas' face was beatific, full of happiness and relief.
    • Her hair is short and neat, her smile beatific, and her conscience troubled.
    • And she looked at me with kind of beatific smile and said, ‘Yes, it's his sense of noblesse oblige.’
    • It was at this moment, as the young man picked up his carrier bag and headed for the exit, that I realised why I had been graced with such a beatific smile in the first place.
    • Luke, from Harper's, wore a beatific smile as the room trembled from the gateway's power.
    • He turned around, smiled his beatific smile, and then raised his huge hands high in the air, in the general direction of my head.
    • This also coincided with an eerily becalmed stage in my university career; after an exhausting period of immersive Keats and Shelley study, I was well up for test-driving the velveteen ache of beatific melancholia.
    • He cuts a striking figure with his stocky frame, beatific smile and pitch-black hair worn long and swept back.
    • You are left wondering how anything as terrible as the anguish detailed in King's Crossing or Fond Farewell could inspire music this lovely, with its soaring choruses and beatific harmonies and irresistible pop sensibility.
    • But unlike Skywalker or Napoleon, Rider wears a beatific smile.
    • A lethargic Blaine, sporting a new bushy beard and matted hair, rewarded them with weak waves and beatific smiles.
    • With a beatific smile, Weldon rose above the ensuing stushie and laughed all the way to the bank, proving once again that diamonds are a girl's best friend.
    • In three minutes or so he was out again with a beatific smile.
    • I raced home from the tournament with a beatific smile on my face, headed straight to the TV room in search of Avril, who'd taped Pop Idol for me, and did a lot of girlie screaming.
    • The Captain is the benevolent-yet-stern sheriff of this here town and Madame La is his beatific, beautiful wife.