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bed and breakfast


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    they do bed and breakfast dan alojamiento y desayuno
    • Price includes golf, bed and breakfast and starts at £159 (accommodation ranges from guest houses to luxury hotels).
    • I wanted to get away for two nights this week for the Easter Holidays with my wife and my young son who is eleven and was quoted €740 for two night's bed and breakfast with one evening meal.
    • This includes four night bed and breakfast plus four evening meals.
    • Rooms cost €65 per person for two nights bed and breakfast throughout the autumn.
    • The hotel is offering a special rate of €139 per person sharing for two nights bed and breakfast.
    • This price includes three nights' bed and breakfast, one evening meal and a gala banquet on New Year's Eve.
    • There are also now attractive fly break packages of return flights from Dublin and two nights bed and breakfast in local hotels for people wanting to spend a short break here without having to spend three hours or so on the road or on the train.
    • The price includes bed and breakfast in a two-star hotel and flights from Glasgow to Strasbourg via Paris
    • An all in price of €199 covers two nights bed and breakfast, one evening meal and a ticket to either day at the races.
    • The cost is €120 per person sharing, which includes six nights bed and breakfast, lunch and evening tea.
    • Accommodation, bed and breakfast and dinner £69 per person (minimum two nights, based on two adults sharing).
    • Guests can stay mid week for two nights bed and breakfast and one evening meal from €135 per person sharing.
    • The appellant's family had for many years been involved in a business providing bed and breakfast and hotel accommodation in the Harrow area.
    • Patients enjoy a discounted rate for bed and breakfast at a local three-star hotel.
    • Cost is £85 per person which includes one night's bed and breakfast at a Slough hotel, match ticket and transport.
    • Hotels are offering deals such as two or three nights bed and breakfast and one dinner, so that means people go out to eat somewhere else on the other nights.
    • There are also two-night luxury short breaks including dinner, bed and breakfast from £250 per room (for two people).
    • The outing takes place from Friday, July 5 to Sunday, July 7 and will consist of two nights bed and breakfast and two evening meals.
    • Prices start at £88 per person for bed and breakfast.
    • Each group of tourists stayed at these farmhouses for two nights and enjoyed bed and breakfast and an evening meal plus a welcome snack on arrival.
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    pensión femenino
    • In all our years of travel, this bed-and-breakfast rates No.1 on our list.
    • His book sets out an 89-mile circular walk over six days, suggesting local pub and bed and breakfasts along the way.
    • Social services has found the pair temporary accommodation at a bed and breakfast in Trowbridge, but would like to move back to north Wiltshire to be closer to their family in Neeld Crescent.
    • The council has offered alternative accommodation at a bed and breakfast but this has been refused, as the family have been told they will have to pay for it on top of the rent for their unwanted house.
    • I could only afford a cheap bed and breakfast for a couple of days.
    • They are hoping to complete the trip in three days, staying in bed and breakfasts along the route.
    • Then we went back to our bed-and-breakfast place.
    • They led to a good night's rest that can be found at the many bed and breakfasts or the youth hostels in the area.
    • He said the trend might tend to benefit the big hotels rather than the smaller guest houses and bed and breakfasts.
    • He said: ‘The bed and breakfasts in the town and the surrounding villages are packed this year.’
    • There is a wide range of hotels and bed and breakfasts in Penzance and other resorts.
    • ‘I think it would be a great bed-and-breakfast place,’ she said.
    • Perched in the middle of the Rockies, housing options include 1,300 condominium units, two hotels and a bed and breakfast.
    • Will he be staying in a small bed and breakfast as well as hotels?
    • A friend of mine was telling me recently about a woman he knows who owns a couple of successful bed-and-breakfast places.
    • Hotels and bed and breakfasts in the resort were flooded with people heading to the coast for a short break.
    • Hounslow Council has offered the Norths alternative accommodation, at a bed and breakfast, but this has been refused, as the family have been told that they will have to pay for it on top of the rent they pay for their house.
    • As it is within a short stroll of the sea, it could suit conversion to a bed and breakfast or self-catering accommodation.
    • It boosted the tourism industry and they profited with the likes of bed and breakfasts.
    • They booked into a bed and breakfast hotel but as they walked downstairs in the morning police were waiting and the duo gave themselves up without a struggle.

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    vender y comprar (los mismos valores) en días sucesivos para establecer la plusvalía o minusvalía dentro del año fiscal

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    • Los bed & breakfast o B&B son casas privadas o pequeños hoteles que ofrecen alojamiento más el desayuno a precios generalmente módicos.