Traducción de beget en Español:


provocar, v.

Pronunciación /bɪˈɡɛt//bəˈɡɛt/

verbo transitivobegot, begetting, begotten, begat


  • 1

    (give rise to)
    (difficulty/hatred/crime) provocar
    (crime/hatred/difficulty) engendrar literario
    • Words shape thought, stir feeling, and beget action; they kill and revive, corrupt and cure.
    • Such collaborative relationships will soon beget new inspirations.
    • It is a real and sad reminder that violence begets violence and that rarely does violence breed peace.
    • He said violence begets violence and evil generates greater evil.
    • Every action should produce results: good action produces good results and evil begets nothing but evil.
  • 2

    • Apart from other things, she too begets children by someone other than her husband.
    • Any child begotten by Ian or myself would certainly never be recognized… even though I don't think I could have turned away a child of my blood.
    • They begot seven children.
    • All children are from the same mother, as our stepmother did not beget any children by my father.
    • A man marries in order to establish a household and beget children.