Traducción de belch en Español:


eructar, v.

Pronunciación /bɛltʃ//bɛltʃ/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (person) eructar
  • 2

    to belch from sth
    • flames belched from the mouth of the cannon la boca del cañón escupía llamas
    • smoke belched from the windows salía humo de las ventanas
    • There they visited a volcano, ‘it was unbelievable’ Pat said to see smoke belching from a mountain.
    • Not long afterwards and the last German fighter was heading for the ocean, fire and black smoke belching from the engine.
    • It significantly reduces the sulfur, carbon monoxide and other pollutants that belch from car tailpipes.
    • One witness described how smoke belched from the building as firefighters surrounded the scene.
    • Black smoke belches from her single tall stack.
    • The engine roared to life as smoke belched from the exhaust nozzles.
    • Situated on the edge of the Black Country and only five miles from Birmingham, smoke still belched from its factory chimneys.
    • It is caused by diesel fumes belching from the packed vehicles and halfway-wrecked lorries that clog the roads.
    • Places where poisonous fumes belch from endless streams of cars.
    • Kwenn clung on even tighter, but could barely see through the thick smoke belching from the ship.
    • At its height, flames and a huge pall of smoke belched from the burning building, and showers of embers were scattered into the night sky.
    • There is no cloud there, no smog belching from industrial chimneys, just a great barren expanse of sand and jewelled sky.
    • Smoke belches from a ferry after two buses aboard the vessel were blown up
    • All those hops and yeast and good times belching from the chimney stacks would definitely account for that heady aroma.
    • Skeletal dead trees ring the edge of Manaro's crater, while trees in dense jungle nearby were covered in ash which has been belching from the volcano.
    • It was already starting to yaw uncontrollably, spinning in an unstoppable circle, ugly black smoke belching from the worthless engines, now just burning hunks of metal.
    • The famous fog of London was an entirely chemical outpouring created by treacherous fumes and gases belching from countless chimneys.

verbo transitivo

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  • 1

    eructo masculino
    he gave/let out a belch se echó/soltó un eructo coloquial
    • Even your belches will taste great, which brings up an important final point.
    • A deep belch from Robert sent her into a fit of laughter.
    • Fred the frog let out a satisfying belch and settled back on his lilypad.
    • Danielle let out a small belch, surprising Billie.
    • These flavoured products brought out by local manufacturers become the automatic choice for those who dread the belch associated with the aerated drinks.
    • Bo let out a loud belch and waved his hand as an excuse.
    • And then, not long after, this other girl, whom I suspect is in my French class, gives a loud belch.
    • I got used to the sound of her chair scraping across the kitchen floor, of the creaks in the wood as she went down the hallway into bed each evening, even the incredibly loud belches after she finished dinner.
    • We drank wine from the bottle and slobbered our spittle into simplistic belches of conversations that were actually ideological rhetoric and nonsense we could both agree with.
    • Of all the things dogs do, their belches and sighs are the most human.
    • Soda is refreshing and tasty, but no matter what kind I drink, it tends to give me a bad case of the belches.
    • As Adam opened his mouth to place a piece of meat in it, a long, loud belch escaped, seeming to reverberate indefinitely in the open dining room.
    • The words she spoke were in a jumble and in between small belches.
    • I finished my third sandwich with a little belch.
    • Brett let out a loud belch without a word of apology.
    • I guess she likes her male to loaf around the yard in boxers and no shirt, guzzle a beer and let off a hearty belch.
    • Once she was done she took a deep breath and let out a huge belch.
    • Someone let out a loud belch and the guys erupted into laughter, congratulating whoever it was.
    • It can be summed up as ‘eat first, pay the bill, go home and sleep; maybe a belch in between.’
    • The man let out a sour belch and continued to snore.