Traducción de beleaguer en Español:


asediar, v.

Pronunciación /bɪˈliːɡə//bəˈliɡər/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • For every useless mouth in a beleaguered place adds to the difficulties of the defenders and facilitates the task of the besiegers.
    • The fateful day dawned, and still the city was beleaguered on every side, while within its walls the Aztecs were dying of famine and plague.
    • Seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them.
  • 2beleaguered past participle

    (minister/opponent) atribulado
    Acme Inc, the beleaguered toy company Acme Inc, el fabricante de juguetes que atraviesa momentos tan difíciles
    • In this sense the film represents directly the severe repression of its beleaguered central character.
    • But it isn't just the nuts and bolts of touring in support of a new album that can be so beleaguering: sometimes it's the talking about it on the phone with strangers.
    • The first was to do some fact-finding, and the second was to lend some support to a beleaguered profession.
    • Look, I think doctors feel terribly beleaguered in general about medical negligence litigation.
    • The very time you should stick by your beleaguered spouse is when your loyalty can serve and support him.
    • The other most important individual involved in any game is the referee - the most beleaguered of all sports people.
    • He is beleaguered, too, by the memories of his dead wife and his victims.
    • May it also help our beleaguered security managers get some real support as the fall begins.
    • With the institution of the family so beleaguered, it would be highly desirable for the reigning House to set an example.
    • Later presidents tried to revive it to conjure up domestic support for their beleaguered policies.
    • Other gifts have been received from far and wide, with heartfelt messages of support for the beleaguered farming community.
    • This editorial does little to support a beleaguered profession and could cause much more serious damage.
    • ‘The more beleaguered he feels, the more he will dig in his heels,’ said a government figure.
    • In that context, it's hard to see how a city takeover would benefit beleaguered students.
    • Did MacMahon even try to round up support for his beleaguered master?
    • Even a nun from a local convent declined the opportunity to voice support for her beleaguered religious superior.
    • I was just saying: look, you know, all those areas, you cannot have one person doing it, because they will get beleaguered by it.
    • Not only will he not go, but any attempt to dislodge him would certainly cause trouble to erupt in that beleaguered state again.
    • But many stresses that beleaguer us do not fall into these categories.
    • More trouble in store for Andrew Neil at the sadly beleaguered Scotsman.