Traducción de belly en Español:


vientre, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbɛli//ˈbɛli/

nombrePlural bellies

  • 1

    (of person) vientre masculino
    (of person) barriga femenino coloquial
    (of person) panza femenino coloquial
    (of person) tripa femenino España coloquial
    (of person) busarda femenino Río de la Plata coloquial
    (of person) guata femenino Andes coloquial
    (of animal) panza femenino
    (of animal) vientre masculino
    he's got a bit of a belly es un poco guatón Andes coloquial
    • to do a belly flop darse un guatazo
    • The Silver-eyes, like the ones I saw in Australia, have gray backs and gray bellies.
    • Once, grasses in the Big Bend region of Texas were said to have been tall enough to brush the bellies of horses.
    • And you have to be certain that you don't get impatient and smack the horse in the belly and ruin everything it was understanding up to that point.
    • The dish is whale, minke whale, a little strip of raw flesh from the belly of an animal protected from commercial hunting by a moratorium that has survived 15 years.
    • The ventral or under side of the animal including the belly, is lighter in color than the dorsal or top side. They can have prominent hip stripes.
    • My hands went to the Doctor's chest and I made to push, but he batted my arms apart and drove two stiffened fingers into my belly.
    • The animal rolled onto his belly and slowly sat up from the position.
    • His belly and flanks are white, and his rump is black.
    • Not only were these people swimming with about two dozen manatees, but they were also rubbing the manatees' bellies and backs.
    • The birds were spectacular with a black belly with large white spots on the side and a deep chestnut collar and a white cheekpatch.
    • Now he puts the light sounds with something else remembered, with primrose, with laughter, and down through him a prickle runs and it seems to stop in his belly, below him.
    • Grubby politicians kiss babies; but these two cynical opportunists have chosen to exploit emaciated infants with distended bellies as the visual soundbite for 2005.
    • Rather than flapping the wings from back to belly, as other birds do, the partridges flap from head to tail.
    • He held his breath and swung his arms out, but a fist buried itself in his belly, emptying his lungs, and when he sucked in air, he knew he was in terrible trouble.
    • So the advance in laparoscopy has allowed just the instruments to enter the belly.
    • Starting in her belly, an animal like grumble worked its way from her gut to her throat.
    • With quickness and agility, the boy went under the belly of the horse, dodging big hooves and the swishing head of the beast.
    • Jon heard a yell, sounding very far away, and felt the pain yank him up like a string through his belly.
    • They are light underneath, with finely streaked chests and bellies.
    • She was then tossed across a horse's withers and cried out involuntarily as her belly slammed into the horse's back.
    • Photographs of the belly and chest were taken while the dog was standing on its hind feet and two people held the front feet displaying the armpits.
    • Gray Jays are medium-sized, gray birds with lighter bellies.
    • Our little girl was wriggling around trying to get comfy while the sonographer bounced the ultrasound stick on my belly to try and get her to shift to a good position so we could see all four chambers of her heart.
    • The tortoise lays on its back, its belly baking in the hot sun beating its legs trying to turn itself over but it can't, not without your help, but you're not helping.
    • But the wily Ulysses had tied his men under the bellies of the animals.
    • Our bird had a brown belly, however, and I turned the page to Common Yellowthroat.
    • Laying on their bellies, horses concealed by brush, James, Adam and Hoss waited, scarcely breathing.
    • Use slow, steady, deep breaths from your belly, not your chest.
    • The blinded Cyclops at the cave exit feels the emerging animals, under whose bellies Odysseus and his followers are clinging.
    • Juncos, the dark gray birds with the white bellies, are also sparrows, but they are so distinctive that you don't need a description from me.
    • The doctor fearing that Penguin's internal organs had been dangerously damaged, decided to open his belly up to examine his entrails.
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    (of stringed instrument)
    tabla armónica femenino
    tabla de armonía femenino
    • The bridge must be made of the proper grade of maple, properly cut with regard to the grain of the wood, and perfectly fitted to the belly of the cello.
    • The soundpost is a cylindrical piece of wood inside the violin, viola or cello body that joins the belly to the underside of the instrument, and is located below one foot of the bridge.
    • The lira type had a broad pear shape, with a wooden belly and usually three strings.
    • On the cello the distance from the top nut to the top edge of the belly is 28 cm, from the edge of the belly to the bridge 40 - 42 cm.
    • The bridge transmits the strings' vibrations to the violin belly, or soundboard, which amplifies the sound.