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banco, n.

Pronunciación /bɛn(t)ʃ//bɛn(t)ʃ/


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    • 1.1(seat)

      banco masculino
      • In a public space the heart of the garden may be a grouping of chairs, or a stone bench, a small pond or fountain, or even a piece of sculpture.
      • Furniture takes the form of either long, low timber benches, or blond wood chairs, equipped with kneelers.
      • I arrived at Piccadilly, and settled down on a stone bench on the outskirts of the square.
      • It was smaller than the other gardens on the property - a brick path led to the center of the garden where two stone benches sat under a single tree.
      • Use ladderback chairs, rocking chairs, benches, wicker furniture and Windsor chairs.
      • The second miniature shows a couple embracing, seated on a stone bench in front of a starry sky with a disc-shaped moon.
      • Tall hedges stood with stone benches in front of them.
      • I took a seat on the park bench, and Mina followed suit hesitantly.
      • And because young children climb, never put a chair, sofa, bench or even a bookcase near such a window.
      • Mr Buttery wants to make more of the site, now barely more than a couple of park benches and an engraved stone.
      • One recent hot afternoon, I was at the East Coast Park sitting on a stone bench all by myself by the beach.
      • The second-class had wooden seats like park benches and that was it.
      • Once outside, I took a seat on a stone bench near the door.
      • Looms, beds, tables, chairs, stools and benches were made of wood as well.
      • An elderly man paced back and forth before taking a seat on the park bench, while a light breeze sent trees dancing in the secluded darkness.
      • Cate straightened herself on the stone bench and sat up, not wanting to attract any unwanted attention.
      • They finally took a seat on a stone bench located near one tiny pond within the back garden.
      • Each book is ‘read and released’ into the wild by leaving it on a park bench or airline seat, or passed onto friends.
      • Spoons clatter, wooden benches scrape against the stone floor.
      • Sitting on one of the stone benches, she broke down and cried.

    • 1.2workbench

      mesa de trabajo femenino
      (for carpentry) banco (de carpintero) masculino
      • By 1957 the laboratory benches had become so crowded that a cleanup had to be instituted.
      • This street-roof is studded with glass lenses that shine daylight down to laboratory benches below.
      • Literally within yards from my laboratory bench, I have had the opportunity to catch sight of the workings of nature.
      • All procedures are superbly illustrated for use at the laboratory bench.
      • But isn't it time the subject was brought from the clouds of science fiction to the debating hall and the laboratory bench?
      • The position of the particular tray on the laboratory bench had no apparent effect on germination.
      • Alternatively, fruits were harvested at the ripe stage and left to overripen for 2 d at 21°C on the laboratory bench.
      • In Downie's day, smallpox work was done on wooden benches in the open laboratory.
      • The laboratory instruments are quite easily positioned on lower tables or benches for me to use from a wheelchair.
      • Alex had silently walked behind the lady on the laboratory benches, his feet lifting carefully over drying beakers and past a chemistry set.
      • Field-collected seed was dried for several weeks on a laboratory bench.
      • I can envisage these pages being photocopied and pinned above laboratory benches around the world.
      • Later, the new hires will take their places next to their ARS mentors at the laboratory benches.
      • Most obviously, it takes up about the space of a tennis court rather than the normal small area on top of a laboratory bench.
      • It was like mercury on a laboratory bench, running this way and that, breaking off here, regrouping there, and always deadly.
      • These two aqueous formulations were kept in clear bottles on a laboratory bench under normal laboratory lighting conditions.
      • I was working at the bench in the microbiology laboratory of our city's largest hospital.
      • The leaves were saturated with water and different degrees of water deficits were adjusted by exposing the leaves to transpirational water loss on the laboratory bench.
      • My work over forty years at the laboratory bench has all been in fundamental immunology.
      • They either trade or they place trays of good specimens on the benches around the laboratory.

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    • 2.1

      the bench / the Bench (tribunal) el tribunal
      • to be raised to the bench ser nombrado juez / magistrado
      • to speak from the bench hablar desde el estrado
      • to appear before the bench comparecer ante el tribunal
      • In a written decision following the two day hearing the tribunal bench unanimously backed her claim for unfair dismissal.
      • Another bench of Magistrates may, reasonable and rationally, have reached the decision that the appeal should have been dismissed.
      • With the agreement of the defence and prosecution, the case was heard without a jury before a bench of three Scottish judges.
      • Judge Pat lumbered up to his bench high above the courtroom.
      • You know I always wonder about the kind of people who sit on these judges benches and pass judgment over people.
      • Scotland's Lord Justice General recently presided over the bench of five senior judges who heard and ruled on the Lockerbie appeal.
      • The sessions will take place at Bradford Magistrates Court in front of a specialised bench of magistrates and a prosecutor, who will be experts in ASBOs.
      • The bench of Supreme Court headed by Justice A.H.Ahmadi ordered a C.B.I. probe into the incident.
      • The mock-up design featured access by ramps to all raised spaces, including the judge's bench, witness stand, jury box, and clerk stations.
      • The high court bench upheld the trial court's verdict in October 1997.
      • Normally in court the magistrate sits behind an elevated bench.
      • Botha granted her leave to appeal against her conviction and she will be back in court before a full bench of three judges next year.
      • Why not arrange that two of the five judges on the initial bench will be overseas judges with commercial experience?
      • Could a reasonable bench of justices, properly directing themselves, have held on the evidence that the appellant had.
      • A petition questioning the controversial appeal decision was upheld by a three judge bench of the Supreme Court in mid December 2002.
      • But on Tuesday, a bench of the high court stayed the single judge order quashing the project.
      • In an unprecedented move Magistrate Nicholas got up from the bench and sat at the bar table with the witness and the accused.
      • In a majority decision, the full bench of the Supreme Court quashed the previous suspended sentence.
      • He was committed in custody for sentence to Burnley Crown Court after the bench said the theft merited custody.
      • The bench apologised to defence solicitors, prosecutor and court staff that it did not start sitting at its scheduled time of 10 am.
      • They attended Salford Magistrates Court and persuaded the bench to throw out the council's application.
      • Magistrates threw out this appeal in October, but objectors are currently considering taking the bench's decision to judicial review at the High Court.
      • The actress appealed against the verdict and a two-judge bench of the high court on Thursday stayed the film's release until another hearing next month.
      • An imposing judicial bench of three ‘judges’ and a departmental secretary survey the room.
      • He stared intently at the magistrates' bench and his defence solicitor throughout the case and spoke only to confirm his name and address.

    • 2.2benches pluralBritish (seat in Parliament)

      the government/opposition benches la bancada del gobierno/de la oposición Río de la Plata

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    the bench el banquillo
    • Wasn't the substitute's bench just packed full of World Class players?
    • Glasgow-born Haining had figured in just three previous senior outings after coming off the bench as a substitute.
    • When a timeout is called, players stroll to the bench and coaches hustle to huddle.
    • Unlike Northampton they couldn't call even better players off the bench to help out.
    • Low-end players come off the bench as substitutes for starting or injured players.
    • Don't send a stud player to the bench because he had a few bad games.
    • With Parke out of action Scott Jackson is likely to return to the bench for Saturday's game.
    • Which is to say, Jones watched the entire game from the bench.
    • First-choice half back Sean Long endured a nightmare first half at the JJB and should be relegated to the bench when coach David Waite names his side today.
    • He moved to the bench as an assistant coach prior to the start of the 1998-99 campaign.
    • The players and coaches jumped off the bench and began running out to the field to join their team in celebration.
    • He rarely allowed players to act on their instincts, controlling the game from the bench.
    • With all of the starting spots filled, the Mariners may try to land a hitter who can share time in the outfield and come off the bench late in games.
    • Both players have watched the last two games from the bench, sidelined with muscle injuries.
    • Then it was back to the bench for big games at Tottenham and Olympiakos.
    • On some occasions, teams could not even field a full complement of substitutes on their bench.
    • Right now, he is the first or second player off the bench.
    • In the first 19 games, Jackson didn't make it off the bench in seven games and never played more than 18 minutes.
    • The next season, he was back on the field as the bench coach for new Cleveland manager.
    • A clenched fist pointed at the bench brings the player a rest and the right to put himself back in the game when he is rested.

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    mandar al banquillo
    mandar a la banca América Latina