Traducción de beneficial en Español:


beneficioso, adj.

Pronunciación /bɛnɪˈfɪʃ(ə)l//ˌbɛnəˈfɪʃ(ə)l/


  • 1

    (good, advantageous)
    to be beneficial to sb/sth ser beneficioso para algn/algo
    • a savings plan which is beneficial to the small investor un plan de ahorro que beneficia al pequeño inversor
    • Robert sees the setting up of the women's section as beneficial to the social side of the club.
    • We can assure you that by doing so, it will be beneficial to all aspects of your life.
    • The name should also be beneficial to a strong, long-lasting marketing campaign.
    • Whether a cycle lane is beneficial to cyclists is doubtful as there are cars parked in the cycle lane most of the time.
    • The more positive one is in his thoughts the more he is beneficial to himself and the society.
    • We will have to make cost-cutting exercises on it but it will be beneficial to the squad and the football club as a whole.
    • However, I now feel that it might be beneficial to me to be a little more open.
    • Surely, it has to be more beneficial to the company to encourage efficient and quality working?
    • The energy conveyed by those people is manifestly beneficial to the society that absorbs it.
    • There are aspects of royal visits that are enormously beneficial to the general public, however.
    • The game was beneficial to the players who had not played in Croke Park previously as seniors.
    • This would be highly beneficial to the area and the economy in the years ahead.
    • Let's agree that it is beneficial to invest in exhilarating public buildings.
    • She says smaller families that focus on the education of their children would be more beneficial to the economy.
    • It's beneficial to colleagues as it takes pressure off them and gives them more time to do their jobs.
    • This was very beneficial to the children and a start in cultivating their love of literature.
    • It will also be beneficial to the wildlife on the lake not to mention many other responsible lake users.
    • There is also evidence that consumption of organically produced food is beneficial to human health.
    • That would be beneficial to manufacturers interested in borrowing to invest in productivity.
    • There's no doubt that running, like any other form of exercise, can be beneficial to your health.
  • 2

    (owner) verdadero
    she has the beneficial interest in the property tiene el usufructo de la propiedad
    • she has a beneficial interest in the deal es parte interesada en la transacción
    • It made no reference to any ownership of any interest, legal or beneficial, in No.11.
    • An intention to share a beneficial interest in property has to be manifested to give rise to a rival obligation.
    • Here a husband and wife were beneficial joint tenants of the matrimonial home.
    • An occupier under a beneficial lease cannot require the annual value to be cut down to the rent actually reserved.
    • It would appear that Amanda is neither a legal nor a beneficial owner of the property.
    • Ask the local authority for its view on the legal and beneficial ownership of mum's house.
    • The question was whether there had been a change of beneficial ownership so as to attract duty.
    • Doubts have been raised as to the beneficial entitlement of the Defendants in the following respects.
    • Both beneficial ownership of the house at Harmonia Crescent and the debts are in issue.
    • The only case that was put before him by Mrs Oakes was that she was the beneficial owner of the property.