Traducción de benevolent en Español:


benévolo, adj.

Pronunciación /bəˈnɛvələnt//bɪˈnɛv(ə)l(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (dictator/smile/person) benévolo
    (gesture) de benevolencia
    • Holmes, wearing a simple-minded smile on a benevolent face, shuffled his way toward the woman.
    • I accept that is a taxing Act, but, on the other hand, they are intended to be beneficial and benevolent provisions.
    • His benevolent demeanor and tolerance have apparently not worked well.
    • James has a winning grin, a benevolent smile and an infectious laugh.
    • He decided to adopt both these benevolent elements as his motif.
    • Bruno had many friends and it is heartwarming to know that so many people loved and respected this benevolent and generous man.
    • In this way a benevolent spirit is forged and wisdom is free to flourish.
    • In my days as a wine merchant, he was a benevolent boss who was keen to pass on helpful tips.
    • He shook himself out of his reverie to find Alicia staring at him and transformed his smirk back into a benevolent smile.
    • It is a benevolent heart and a generous mind which enjoy the encounter of other people.
    • Local people generally consider themselves to be benevolent and good-willed, fair, honest and ethical.
    • It's impossible not to be awed by the grandeur of temples and throne rooms of a country still in love with its benevolent monarchy.
    • The charity gains financially, the company earns kudos, and the benevolent consumer gets to feel good about his or her contribution.
    • It is perceived as a benevolent or altruistic act, which is supposed to empower those who were once denied power.
    • Jullie looked at him, with that benevolent smile that always seemed to be on her face.
    • These organisations project a reputation of being caring, considerate and benevolent.
    • On many accounts it was transcribed that they were gracious and benevolent.
    • His benevolent smile was topped by the warm charm flowing from his eyes.
    • His benevolent and altruistic nature made him very well known to everyone in the area.
    • The General gave the crowd of reporters a benevolent smile, which they simply ignored.
  • 2

    (organization/society) benéfico
    (organization/society) de beneficencia
    • The benevolent fund needs donations so it can continue to combat isolation.
    • If our clients had a specific trade or profession, we find out if there is a benevolent fund associated with that trade.
    • Some paid for the privilege of nailing by contributing to a war charity or benevolent organization.
    • BEN is the motor and allied trades benevolent fund and was founded in 1905.
    • He was the fire station's benevolent worker and used to organise the children's Christmas parties.
    • Others were labelled infirm, defined as the deserving poor, and provided for by benevolent asylums or charities.
    • The institute is fortunate in having an active and caring benevolent fund which for many years has been able to help colleagues and their families who have fallen on hard times or have been faced with unexpected financial difficulties.
    • These days about 30 occupational benevolent funds run homes for the retired.
    • This is a benevolent fund, to which the coalmining companies contribute an amount that is levied on them, for the benefit of miners and their families, and the community.
    • This is a benevolent fund of the diocese set up to make provision for retired clergy.
    • Property owned by a benevolent organization and used exclusively for benevolent purposes is exempt from taxation.
    • The appeal is the principle source of funds which directly support the legion's welfare and benevolent work.
    • It was a benevolent organization that gave aid to fellow miners, their widows and children, as the many newspaper articles of the period record.
    • He hopes to raise £5,000 which will go to the British Heart Foundation and army benevolent fund.
    • Also returning will be the local firefighters, who will be collecting money for their benevolent fund as well as their own depot.